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Nutribullet, a happy Super Cup debut: Napoli dunk

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NAPLES. See Naples and then win.With difficulty, sweating too much against a team still quite far from an acceptable athletic condition. Treviso enjoys the two points of the debut in the Super Cup against the terrible newly promoted, a victory that comes more from the power under the scoreboards than from the tactics, given the many shooting errors and also in the management of the ball (really too many turnovers).

There is time to improve, to grow and to find the right mechanisms, especially in view of the Bcl Qualification Round, but at the same time it is necessary to avoid easy enthusiasm: there is a lot of work to be done in the gym. That it is a Nutribullet in the yard version can be understood by observing the performance elastic, between quintets and quarters.

Menetti’s team enjoys a rocket start by exploiting Sims in post and from the average as well as the usual Sokolowski, but when the less gifted offensively quintet enters the field (Casarin and Chillo in particular) the percentages drop. It is no coincidence that Naples, ruled by beautiful individuals such as the well-known Elegar and Rich and the surprising Marini and McDuffie, knows how to take advantage of TvB’s empty passes to reduce the distance in an intense second quarter but dominated by lucky plays – triple table from Marini’s midfield, support for Sims’ lucky flight on Dimsa’s volleyball lift – rather than playbook patterns.

The +8 in the middle of the race is a sufficient loot for Treviso, within a positive framework but as mentioned not without flaws. The problem for Menetti is seeing his team not being able to finalize so many possessions: just think that the second half stops in the score for almost four minutes at 0-3 (basket and foul by Dimsa) before the former Parks shakes a little ‘of rust.

The impression is that, after giving up Logan, this Nutribullet lacks an out-of-the-box perimeter shooter, the classic element that can break games from the bow: Imbrò cannot do it if he is forced to manage the direction, he cannot be Sokolowski when asked to divide into too many roles.

On the other hand, the GeVi also realizes the flaw and the -3 of the third quarter for the Neapolitans (39-42 with McDuffie’s show in a smallball orchestrated by Sacripanti) is the faithful mirror of the offensive difficulties of TvB that interrupts the period of crisis only thanks to its Italian veterans. Of course, the difference between a team already used to Serie A and one instead padded by former A2 players is destined to emerge in the long run, so Treviso’s victory is only a matter of time.

That is the last quarter in which Sims is forgiven an unsportsmanlike with the points of the substantial technical knockout. For this time it may be enough, but tomorrow in Brescia against a decidedly ambitious Germani will need greater concentration and better aim, especially from a distance. Maybe hoping for an improvement in the physical conditions of the former Giordano Bortolani, recovering after the recent muscle problem but still far from top form.

GEVI: Mayo 1 (0/3, 0/3), Rich 0 (0/2, 0/4), Parks 7 (2/3, 0/2), McDuffie 19 (5/9, 3/5), Elegar 3 (0/1 from 2); Zerini 2 (0/3 of 3), Velicka 10 (3/4, 1/5), Marini 11 (1/3, 3/3), Uglietti 3 (1/4, 0/1), Lombardi 2 (1 / 1, 0/2). Ne: Grassi, Matera. Coach: Sacripanti

NUTRIBULLET: Imbrò 3 (1/2 to 3), Dimsa 10 (3/3, 1/3), Sokolowski 9 (3/6, 1/3), Akele 4 (2/4, 0/2), Sims 16 (5 / 9, 1/2); Russell 4 (1/4, 0/1), Bortolani 3 (1/2 to 3), Casarin 5 (1/2, 1/2), Chillo 9 (3/3, 0/3), Jones 5 (1 / 5, 1/2). No: Poser, Faggian. All .: Menetti

REFEREES: Bartoli, Perciavalle, Boninsegna

NOTE: pq 12-26, sq 28-36, tq 39-47. Tl: NA 11/16, TV 9/13. From 2: NA 13/30, TV 19/36. Yes 3: NA 7/28, TV 7/22. Rebounds: NA 23 + 8 (McDuffie 6 + 1), TV 31 + 10 (Sims 7 + 2). Assist: NA 10 (May 5), TV 16 (Russell and Dimsa 4). Lost: NA 15, TV 16. Recoveries: NA 10, TV 7. Unsportsmanlike Sims at 33’49 “(42-53). Spectators: 1200


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