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Nutribullet, magical night at the Savaria Arena Winning will make the next two races useless

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Today challenge in Hungary. For the qualification to the Top 16 good chances even in case of defeat with less than 8 points


Winning to make the next two races useless for the purposes of the classification, with Aek and then in Riga: if tonight Nutribullet manages to violate the Savaria (this is how the Romans called Szombathely, “place of Saturday”, since there was an important market) Arena will certainly be first in its group and therefore qualified for the Top 16.

This is in light of Aek’s first success, which beat Riga 88-79 the other night.

Therefore a great opportunity to avoid the dangerous play-offs. TvB would have a good chance even in the event of a defeat with less than 8 points. And it will certainly be a good test to measure the current consistency of coach Menetti’s band: to pack the second bang abroad it will take an Athens-like performance: a team that is concentrated and “bad” in defense and essential in attack, even if presumably the Falco will be a much tougher bone than the Greeks, as had already been noted at Palaverde. Coach Menetti is charged and loads his followers: «We want to give everything we can, without having any kind of regret in the end and giving the best of ourselves. We know that it will be a very difficult match, difficult, against an opponent that we clearly respect, given that already at Palaverde it was hard to beat them. So we are fully aware of the problems that a race like this will offer us ».

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It will take a TvB without too many smudges. «It is a match that we intend to face with the right attitude and the right desire, precisely to realize our dream of passing the group as first in the standings. I believe that every basket will be important and take a step forward in mentality and in the desire to win ».

Captain Matteo Imbrò, back in shape, shows a cautious optimism. «We arrive with high morale for this tough Champions League away match, the victory against Cremona was useful in this sense and it was also a good test because it accustomed us to the physical hardness that we will find in Hungary. We know Szombathely after the hard-fought match we played in our home first leg, they are a really tough team, they play well and they have a physicality that we will absolutely have to fight back. We know that we will have to suffer and fight, they will want to win to hook us in the standings, our victory would be essential to move forward in the competition. Clearly a very tough match awaits us in their home, we will have to play it to the fullest while keeping high intensity and concentration for the whole match ».

Giordano Bortolani and Nicola Akele are among the 16 called up by coach Meo Sacchetti in the national team which meets on Monday at Acqua Acetosa in Rome. Davide Casarin remains at his disposal. The Azzurri begin their journey towards the 2023 World Cup in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines: they will play on November 26 in St. Petersburg against Russia and on November 29 in Milan with the Netherlands. Iceland also in the group. –

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