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Nutribullet, Menetti rediscovers his past “Reggio has the means to come and beat us”

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Almost 20 years as a coach in Reggio Emilia and, every time he meets her, almost pretends nothing has happened. It is the destiny of Max Menetti who will try to beat his past for the fourth time tomorrow night: so far he has gone well in one. «By now I go home three times a year – the Treviso Basket coach smiles – however it is clear that there I still have many friends and excellent relations with the old club, including the former president Stefano Landi. But then it ends there. Rather, now I’m thinking only of the match at Palaverde, against an opponent who, we are perfectly aware of, has the means to come and beat us at home: roster, organization, experience, since he won in Bologna-Virtus and Varese and held Milan in check. And it will be an important match for them too, in case of success they will settle in the upper area of ​​a ranking that now tends to get longer. For our part, if we want to stay where we are, which is more difficult than getting there, we will have to pull off a great performance made up of intensity, attention and desire ».

In these two weeks you have had the departure of three national teams and the management of Sokolowski’s injury and Chillo’s Covid. In what spirit will you come back?

«As I said before: with great intensity and desire: this is one of the games that can change the championship. The three national teams (Bortolani, Akele and Dimsa, ed) are doing well and have achieved three wins out of four, Mihal is training and will play with the mask, Chillo is confirmed that he will be absent. Should it become negative in the next few hours, it could resume in the middle of next week ».

Everyone points to Cinciarini, who is 4 minutes away from reaching 4,000 in the Reggiana jersey, the key element for Caja.

«I had left Andrea in Reggio more or less as it is now. He may not have the same athletic stamina as then but he has become more experienced and, above all, has won in the meantime. He is certainly the lighthouse of the team. Among other things, he is at the height of his career ».

Cinciarini, ok, but around him there is a whole team capable of beating anyone.

«The roster says so, a mix of young people like Bonacini and Diouf, a beautiful reality, and experts, see Olisevicius, Dimsa’s partner in the Lithuanian national team. It will be necessary to be extremely careful in the defense on the three-point shot, where Reggio is second behind Armani. Of course, there will be no Strautins, a strong shooter even on rebounds, but certainly Unahotel has other weapons at its disposal ».

Ex. There is not only coach Menetti: among the many teams in which Henry Sims has played there is also Reggio Emilia: last season he played the last seven games with excellent averages: in 20 minutes 12.6 points and 7.3 rebounds.

Third dose. On Monday, those who, between players and staff, have matured the requirements to carry out the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine, will go to the Villorba hub, at 7.30, to receive the serum. It will also be a testimonial act in favor of vaccination. –

Silvano Focarelli

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