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Objection rejected: Violation of the Olympic Charter – Russia fails before the Cas

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Objection rejected: Violation of the Olympic Charter – Russia fails before the Cas

Sports appeal dismissed

Violation of the Olympic Charter – Russia fails before the Cas

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Still don’t belong together: Russia and the Olympic family remain separated

Source: dpa/Hannibal Hanschke

Russia was suspended by the IOC because of its Olympic Committee’s inclusion of Ukrainian territories. The country lodged an objection, but the Cas now confirmed the decision. This increases the likelihood of Ukraine taking part in Paris 2024. The Russian allegations are not long in coming.

The International Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) has rejected Russia’s appeal against the suspension by the International Olympic Committee. The CAS announced this on Friday. On October 12, 2023, the IOC Executive Committee reacted to the decision of the country’s National Olympic Committee (ROC) to include the four annexed Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia with the suspension.

For the IOC, this action is a violation of the Olympic Charter because it violates Ukraine’s territorial integrity. The Cas now confirmed the decision challenged by Russia and found that the IOC had “not violated the principles of legality, equality, predictability or proportionality”. The IOC said it welcomed the court’s decision.

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This also increases the likelihood of Ukrainian athletes competing at the Summer Olympics in Paris. “The IOC had suspended Russia’s Olympic Committee for including annexed territories. Now Russia is appealing against it. How is that possible? It is a very important decision and of course we are monitoring this process very closely,” Matvii Bidnyi, Ukraine’s sports minister, had previously said in an interview with WELT AM SONNTAG and warned against “caviar diplomacy”.

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Russia’s allegations against the Cas

“International sports arbitration has long since lost its objectivity with regard to everything that concerns Russia,” said an ROC statement on Friday. Russia also accused the Cas of acting “like a political instrument and not like an institution for justice.”

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Since the suspension, the ROC is no longer allowed to function as a National Olympic Committee within the meaning of the Olympic Charter. It also no longer receives financial contributions from the IOC. The conditions under which Russian athletes are allowed to take part in international competitions continue to apply.

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Individual athletes from Russia and Belarus can, under certain conditions, receive permission to compete in the Olympic Games in Paris, provided they meet the qualification conditions. As with the return to international competitions, the prerequisite is that they can only take part in Paris under a neutral flag.

Teams are not permitted. The starters from both countries are not allowed to play their national anthems, and national symbols and flags are also prohibited for them. In addition, these athletes must not have any connection to the army and security organs or actively support the war of aggression against Ukraine.

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