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Olaf Kuy Takes First Place in Thrilling Third Stage of Tour of Guangxi

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Olaf Kuy Wins Third Stage of Tour of Guangxi

Nanning, China – Dutch cyclist Olaf Kuy proved his expertise on the road once again as he secured a victory in the third stage of the Tour of Guangxi on October 14th. Representing the Jumbo-Visma Racing Team, Kuy displayed exceptional skill and speed, completing the stage in a remarkable 3 hours, 4 minutes, and 9 seconds.

The third stage, known as the Nanning Circle Race, commenced and concluded at the Guangxi Culture and Art Center, covering a total distance of 134.3 kilometers. The challenging route included two sprint points and three climbing points, with a cumulative elevation gain of 1,693 meters.

Just 5.9 kilometers into the race, a breakout group emerged and maintained a solid lead over the peloton, at times stretching the time gap to nearly a minute. During the final lap at Qingxiu Mountain, the riders faced an intense climb, resulting in several sprint leaders falling behind.

The final 19 kilometers of downhill on Gapyeong Road allowed the sprinters to catch their breath. Taking advantage of the favorable east wind during the descent, the sprinters gradually regrouped with the support of their teammates, just 12 kilometers before the finish line. As the main group approached, a minor crash occurred at the rear, fortunately leaving little impact on the racers. With 300 meters to go, the riders initiated their sprint. Despite the chaotic scene induced by the arduous climb, Kuy dominated with his exceptional speed, securing a victory with a significant lead.

In a post-match interview, Olaf Kuy expressed his gratitude to his teammates for their constant support, stating, “The climbing in this stage was quite difficult. I fell behind a bit when climbing the last slope. However, with the unremitting efforts and support of my teammates, I returned to the main group and was able to perform well in the final sprint. Play and win in the end.”

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Besides Kuy’s remarkable achievement, Driss De Ponte from the Oubicin-Deconic Racing Team claimed the red jersey, symbolizing the top spot in the overall standings, as well as the blue jersey, signifying the sprint king. Fredrik Wanda from the Bora-Hansgrohe Racing Team continued to hold the polka-dot jersey, awarded to the climbing king, with a stellar performance in the climbing sections. Jonathan Milan from Bahrain’s team clinched the white jersey, recognizing him as the best young rider.

The fourth stage of the Tour of Guangxi Road Cycling World Tour is set to take place on October 15th. Participants will embark on a 161.4 kilometers journey, commencing in Nanning city and culminating at the Nongla Scenic Area.

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