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Olayink’s flight weakened Slavia. An incomprehensible short circuit, we will solve it, Trpišovský is angry

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Olayink’s flight weakened Slavia.  An incomprehensible short circuit, we will solve it, Trpišovský is angry

What happened? At the end of normal playing time, Olayinka ended up on the ground in the sixteenth round after a fight with Varfolomeyev. Ndefe ran up to him and wanted to make amends for the simulation. He even lightly touched the lying player. The player from Nigeria immediately jumped up and gave Ndefe a “header”. Referee Zelinka could not do otherwise and showed him a red card. The home team took advantage of the subsequent power play. In the fifth minute of the set time, Olatunji equalized at 2:2.

“Instead of finishing the match comfortably, we send ourselves to ten and we have to finish the long setup by one less. And after a simple buy for the defense, Olatunji got into the finish which he handled beautifully. Unfortunately, we got a goal from the second dangerous situation to make it 2:2, which we regret, because overall our performance was decent,” lamented another point loss away from home, coach Jindřich Trpišovský.

According to him, the red card was key to the end of the duel. “Indiscipline put us under pressure in the eight-minute set-up, otherwise decisive for the match were two hundred percent chances, which we did not convert and did not increase to 3:1,” he added.

Ndefe had a foul on Olayinka from the 62nd minute, when he shoved the Slavia striker and referee Zelinka ordered a very strict penalty kick according to the home team, which Mick van Buren converted safely and sent the guests into the lead 2:1. However, the people of Prague could not keep it because of Olayinka. “I appreciate the fact that when Olyanika didn’t hold his nerve and went out, that we still mobilized and were able to extract a golden point for us in the end,” rejoiced the blue-and-white coach Luboš Kozel.

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How will the Olayinka solve the short circuit in Slavia? “We will deal with it clearly. At 2:1, there is absolutely no reason for us to react like that. Moreover, I dare to say that he was one of the best and most active players in the match. We should have an overview and finish it differently. The question is whether or not he was fouled. But he can’t react like that. Not only did he send us to ten, but we will miss him in the next matches. An incomprehensible short circuit that had not happened to him in five years. I wonder why he reacted like that,” Trpišovský added.

“We have to analyze the last fifteen minutes, now after the match it’s hard to say what was wrong,” lamented the loss of Slavia striker Mick van Buren, who had several chances with his teammates in the second half to increase the lead to 3:1. just a point. Thanks to Sparta’s win over Hradec Králové, Slavia is now leading the league only thanks to a better score. “It will be a fight for every point,” Trpišovský suspects of the dramatic conclusion of the competition. Under Ještěd, Slavia wasted two points.

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