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Olbia does everything well except the final

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Serie C. The whites withstand the impact of the leaders Reggiana up to 41 ‘of the second half. Then Lanini’s one-two closes the score



REGGIANA: Voltolini; Luciani, Rozzio, Camigliano; Guglielmotti (from 14 ‘st Neglia), Cigarini (from 23’ st Sciaudone), Rossi (from 30 ‘st Muroni), Contessa; Radrezza; Lanini, Zamparo (from 30 ‘st Sorrentino). Coach: Diana.

OLBIA: Ciocci; Arboleda, Brignani, Emerson, Pinna (from 37 ‘Travaglini); Lella (from 29 ‘st La Rosa), Giandonato (from 1’ st Biancu), Chierico (from 37 ‘st Occhioni); Palesi; Ragatzu (from 37 ‘st Mancini), Udoh. Coach: Scanzi.

REFEREE: From Graci di Como.

NETWORKS: Lanini at 41 ‘st and at 45’ st.


Name: Eric Lanini. Profession: Party pooper. Olbia returns from the away match in Reggio Emilia empty-handed, surrendering only in the final minutes to a brace from the unleashed Reggiana striker, who thus maintains the top of the group and, awaiting today’s results, tries the first real escape of the season. The Sardinians stop the streak of useful results with two, rediscovering the flavor of defeat after the equal of Chiavari and the internal success with Gubbio. And to say that the afternoon of the “Città del Tricolore” had taken on the characteristics of a mini-enterprise for the men of Scanzi, able to withstand the impact of a local team not on its best day and start off on the break looking for the winning bet.

First guest ring in the 22nd minute, when a header from Brignani finds Voltolini attentive. Lella tries the eurogol in reverse, while on the opposite front it is Lanini who sends to the side. Pinna comes out with an injury, and before the break Ciocci is able to reject a shot by Zamparo.

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The already booked Giandonato for Biancu remains in the locker room, but it is Olbia to approach the second 45 minutes better; at 10 ‘Ragatzu controls and sends high a few steps from the goal while six minutes later Biancu’s shot from a good position ends at the bottom. The Sardinians are well placed in the fields and Udoh’s speed creates many headaches for the Emilian defense, but also thanks to the changes comes the inevitable final forcing of the leaders. At 70 ‘a wave from Lanini forces the goalkeeper to the interval, with Sorrentino taking a few minutes to see the goal and look for the decisive goal. Then the goals, respectively the third and fourth of the striker’s championship: first it is Neglia who puts Lanini face to face with Ciocci, whom the number 94 grenade overcomes with a valuable lob; then, a few seconds after the recovery report, the encore that closes the accounts. It ends with the formation of Diana to collect the applause under the curve of the house for the fifth consecutive affirmation, while Palesi and his companions leave the green rectangle dejected and with their heads down. Next Saturday, with Imola at the “Nespoli”, an opportunity to avenge this bitter defeat.

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