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Olbia is hunting for an encore

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Serie C. The whites return to Ancona after 45 years. Canzi: “A complicated match”

OLBIA. The second of the championship, for Olbia, is the longest away match in group B of Serie C. Yesterday plane for Fiumicino, then four hours by bus to Ancona. There where whites had been missing for almost half a century, 45 years. There, at the Del Conero stadium where they have never played and where today there will be sold out and lots of enthusiasm.

You need intensity. “We will have to re-propose the intensity of the victory with Pistoiese,” points out Max Canzi. The coach from Olbia retraces the working week and the first day. «I liked the attention paid to the debut, attention to applying what was prepared. One thing not to repeat? Difficult, we played an excellent match, certainly we should be more cynical when concrete opportunities arise ».

Ancona comes from the defeat at breaking latest news home, «it is a team that has its own strong and precise identity, it has that competitive advantage that we also have, and that is not having to start from scratch with a new coach. He changed many players, but Colavitto is still on the bench, some players remained – this is the analysis on the opponent -. Last year they reached the playoffs coming out in the second round, plus they have the responsibility of moving from the context of Matelica to Ancona, they will have many motivations ».

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The team. In view of today’s game (on the pitch at 15), there may be some changes in the starting eleven. “Precisely because I believe in the fact that almost everyone should feel like owners,” explains the coach. 21 players called, all available except Belloni and Pinna. The return of the latter was the theme of the week and the latest market operation. The final blow in attack was missed to complete the department, but Canzi bet his chips on Demarcus. That’s right: given the overcrowding of the wings, it was decided to return the full-back to his original role. «He did a year and a half of very strong work on himself, catapulted first as a winger and then as a full-back. It was a great tactical and self-discipline job – says the coach -. I said we were short up front, but when we couldn’t find a profile with certain characteristics, rather than picking one at random, we knew we had Demarcus for that role. For sure it will be a surprise for many, but I am convinced it will do well ».

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