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Olbia turns out to be so small and fragile

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Canzi’s team surrenders to a Modena of another category but it takes ten of his remaining after 27 minutes



OLBIA (4-3-1-2): Ciocci, Pisano (62 ‘Pinna S.), Brignani, Emerson, Travaglini, Lella (62’ Occhioni), Chierico, Palesi (71 ‘Demarcus), Biancu (79’ La Rosa), Ragatzu (79 ‘Mancini), Udoh. Available: Barone, Van der Want, Renault, Boccia, Giandonato, Sanna. All .: Songs.

MODENA (4-3-1-2): Gagno, Ciofani, Silvestri, Pergreffi (79 ‘Maggioni), Azzi, Scarsella (79’ Rabiu), Gerli, Armellino, Mosti (63 ‘Tremolada), Ogunseye (63’ Marotta), Giovannini (57 ‘Minesso). Available: Narciso, Leonardi, Ponsi, Renzetti, Baroni, Di Paola. All .: Tesser.

REFEREE: Twins of Messina.

NETWORKS: 9’ pt Gerli, 39’ pt rig. Ogunseye, 3′ st Scarsella.

NOTE: Expelled at 27 ‘pt Udoh for a reaction foul. Pergreffi and Gagno are booked. Spectators: 620. Stoppage time: 1 ‘pt, 3’ st.


Too much difference. Several times the narration of these months has been of an Olbia capable of playing with everyone. Yesterday he discovered he could also be incredibly fragile. It would be unfair to talk about a walk, but for Modena there were no major problems in bringing home the victory. At the “Nespoli” it ended 3-0 for the Emilians, even the former Olbiese striker Ogunseye scored. Goal from the spot but then arm raised as a sign of apology to his old fans. Olbia collapses and with it the intentions to give continuity of results after the victory a week ago with Montevarchi. The ambition was there – the opposite would be strange – but on the pitch all the difference on a technical level soon came out. Certainly we must take into account the condition of numerical inferiority that Olbia has brought with it starting from the hour of play. Self-inflicted penalty by a more than avoidable reaction foul by Udoh. And these expulsions that affect the players of Olbia, always linked to behavioral dynamics, are no longer a coincidence. The attacker left the team in ten, already under a goal, and from there the coefficient of difficulty rose dramatically. But it must also be said that up until that moment there had been no history, with Modena immediately in danger and superior. The first goal in the ninth minute, with an angled and irresistible shot from Gerli for Ciocci. Ogunseye has the first big chance in the quarter of an hour, header out. At 38 ‘, however, Chierico lands in the Giovannini area and the former Olbia beats the penalty. Ciocci senses but it is not enough. In games like this it is difficult to frame a player more brilliant than the others. There was a small opportunity to get things back on their feet when Ragatzu earned himself a penalty in the final minutes of the first half. But the playmaker saw his shot blocked. Found the trio, in the 48th minute with Scarsella still touching Ogunseye’s head on the development of a free-kick, Attilio Tesser’s team managed without flaws.

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Paolo Ardovino

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