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Old Wild West, coffee before the Cup: “We want to win”

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Old Wild West, coffee before the Cup: “We want to win”

Mussini, Esposito, Ebeling and Italiano at the “Tazzina d’amore” event. “We can do it, but you have to think about one race at a time”

MARTIGNACCO. “I had to teach Esposito to make coffee, he’s not a Neapolitan, he’s half American.” Federico Mussini it makes you laugh and is good for you. On the occasion of “Tazzina d’amore”, the charity event held at OlindaBucato & Caffè promoted by Nescafé, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Fabiola Odv Association, a local organization that has been taking care of children with serious disabilities for over twenty years, there was still some time to joke. Already today, after the 11 am training at Carnera, the Apu Old Wild West will set off for Chieti where the Italian Cup Final Eights are scheduled from Friday.

And there will be no more time to joke. Mussini missed the event last year because he injured his knee on March 14th. The final is scheduled for Sunday 13th and would be the best way for him to end a complicated year. «We have all the credentials to win – says the APU playmaker -, we will have to think about one match at a time. If we play with the intensity that sets us apart, we have a good chance of taking the Cup home ».

Italian Nazarene he returns to the track after the injury he remedied in Pistoia: «I’m quite well – he says -, after the muscle problem I had some fever lines, we are a bit bruised, but in a tournament with three races in three days we will need even those who go on the pitch for 2 minutes give everything ».

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He is among those who was there last year in the final lost against Napoli. «We know the recipe to get to the end, let’s try to repeat it, possibly changing the ending. In races without a tomorrow, the tactical and mental aspect is fundamental ».

Not even the physical one should be neglected since the expenditure of energy will be considerable. In this sense, the support of an athletic player like Ethan Esposito it will be precious.

«For me it is the first experience in a Final Eight – explains the Italian American – and I can’t wait to try my hand. After two weeks without matches we are full of energy ». His teammates did not tell him about the joke in last year’s final against Napoli: “I only know that at the beginning of the season we lost badly in the Super Cup and that must already be a stimulus for us to bring home the first trophy of the year”.

Michele Ebeling he already has his mind turned to his first opponent: «Chiusi is a fake newly promoted, he has two excellent Americans and we will have to do our best to bring her home. Playing three races in three days the physical and mental expenditure will be very high, we will have to be good at distributing our forces ».

He wasn’t there a year ago in Cervia: «But I saw the match on TV – he confesses -, let’s say that in the last few minutes there was something not clear on the pitch. We think we have the opportunity to make up for it ». One last coffee and off you go. The Italian Cup operation starts today at the APU.

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