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Old Wild West, down with the championship after a bath of humility in the Super Cup

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Old Wild West, down with the championship after a bath of humility in the Super Cup

The 2022 Super Cup goes to the archive, leaving the first indications and several doubts, now for the Apu Old Wild West we need to think about the championship. On Sunday the bianconeri are on stage in Ferrara, the long journey begins with promotion to Serie A in the sights.

Let’s take stock of the situation, re-reading the indications of the Final Four in Forlì and zooming in on the start of the championship that awaits Antonutti and his teammates only in six days with the first away match.


The final on Saturday between Vanoli Cremona and a never tame San Severo confirmed that the A2 championship at the gates will be very difficult, more than that of last season. The promotion is tempting to at least 5-6 teams, as many are equipped for the role of outsider and annoyance. We agree with Boniciolli when he defines the defeat of the APU against the Apulians as salutary: a good bath of humility at this point of the season can be useful.

Especially to players who have to focus on what kind of basketball is played in A2: “there are some men who have never played this championship and at their expense tonight they realized that no one is looking at your resume” underlined the Juventus coach. after Friday’s semifinal.

The reference to Gaspardo and Mian is clear (the latter in A2 only made 8 play-con games with APU in 2021), who went down to the second national league to make a difference but rather opaque in the presence of the yellow and black band led by Fabi .

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Ironically, the first two days of the Red group oppose the APU teams already faced in the Super Cup. After the debut of Ferrara, in fact, there is the “revenge” against San Severo at the Carnera. It will be a completely different story, also because Udine will bring the ace Briscoe to the table. Expectations towards the outside of New Jersey (yesterday on a trip to Milan, complete with shopping in the streets of the center) are high.

There is also expectation for the tactical changes imposed by the grafting of the second US and for the choices related to turnover. The week leading up to the first of the championship is introduced by a couple of days of relaxation. Yesterday a day of rest for everyone, today individual training only for some players. It resumes as a group tomorrow with one session in the morning and one in the afternoon.


Speaking of the championship, two changes to the Apu Old Wild West calendar are official. The match against San Severo on the second day is brought forward to 8 pm on Saturday 8 October due to the concomitance with Udinese-Atalanta, the one against Cento in the fourth round is postponed to 19 on 23 October in order not to overlap Udinese-Turin.

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