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Old Wild West, it’s time to get up: the three points from which to start again

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Old Wild West, it’s time to get up: the three points from which to start again

UDINE. Reset and restart. Cento’s defeat hurts, but Apu Old Wild West still has time to try to recover.

Maybe avoiding setting long-term goals, to focus on improvements that can make something interesting blossom in spring, the season in which basketball seasons are decided.


After having failed at the most important crossroads (the race for the first three places is now compromised), the wisest thing is to avoid looking at the standings. Head down and work, it’s no longer time to make tables.

The paradox of the current situation is that from now on Udine will have less pressure on them, and this can benefit Finetti’s team.


It’s not just Sunday’s two disappointing quarters in the defensive phase that we must dwell on at Juventus. The real problem, in our opinion, is in the opponent’s half. In the three games with Finetti as head coach, Apu averaged 69ppg. Few for a team that scored 75.5 with Boniciolli.

The ball continues to circulate little and badly, we continue to rely on individual solutions: Gentile and Briscoe monopolize possessions, but well-constructed shots can be seen with a dropper.

The good percentages of the San Severo match (against a team in free fall, it must be said) are already decreasing: 50% from two and 29% from three are insufficient averages with all the talent that the Apu has at its disposal.


If up until Sunday winning on the field of the big names was a need for classification, now it has become a need for the group’s self-esteem. It is widely believed that the body language of these guys is not that of those who go on the pitch with the sacred fire inside: being able to win on some important parquet (Bologna, Pistoia or Forlì, to be clear) could ignite a spark and give confidence to the group.

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Thinking of being able to make a long streak of victories is difficult, given the calendar, but raising the score from the current 67.4% of successes to a more appropriate 75% between now and April would be a good encouragement in view of the play-offs . —

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