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Oltrepo, also Rebuscini remains the captain marries the new course

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Oltrepo, also Rebuscini remains the captain marries the new course


After Gnaziri and Grasso, the captain also said yes. Samuele Rebuscini, nicknamed the “mayor”, will be a player of the Oltrepo Fbc, after his years of militancy in Varzi 1916. He had, like every summer, requests from the Excellence and the D series, and he felt tempted to do the ” jump”. In the end, after a couple of chats with the sports director Nicola Raso, he accepted the renewal of the commitment.

And it was precisely the confirmations of Grasso and Gnaziri that prompted the Rebu to say yes again: “I would say that they were fundamental. These are top players in the category. I believe that the backbone of a team that aims high must be composed of close-knit elements, good on the pitch, and fundamental for their contribution also in the locker room. Then I’m the type who stops when he is comfortable in one place. Then there is a new and important project and this thing stimulates me even more ”. Although the confirmations, in addition to those of Grasso, Gnaziri and June, are not yet many, the squad that will take shape will certainly be up to tackling an important season. “In fact, it is still too early to talk about the squad that will be built, but I have full confidence in Nicola Raso who is the sporting director and in the Catenacci family who represent the ownership of the new club.” The now ex Varzi, after a high season in any case levels, was unable to hit the finish line of the playoffs by a whisker. The Oltrepo Fbc will also start to aim high. “Surely last year we lacked the continuity necessary to stay in the top positions until the end, it will be necessary work on this “. The sports director Raso, often mentioned in this “hot” and crucial period of the season, between the end and the beginning of the new adventure, is at work for new faces and for confirmations. On this last front to evaluate the positions of the goalkeeper Murriero (like the Casteggio of the new coach Pagano, formerly Varzi) and of the midfielders Monopoli and Mazzocca who are included in the list of those to be confirmed but who cannot currently guarantee to be able to train in the afternoon, considering their working hours. Towards the almost certain renewal there are instead the striker Citterio and the midfielder Iervolino. –

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