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Oltrepo, first test “in the family” in the overflowing Grasso retreat scored five times

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Oltrepo, first test “in the family” in the overflowing Grasso retreat scored five times

Double from Zanellati, ends 6-5: balanced challenge Ritondale anticipated on the occasion of a possible draw


Oltrepo A-Oltrepo B, in the name of tradition. The Oltrepo A. wins by 6-5, thanks to a great comeback and the overflowing five of Nico Grasso.

Mister Albertini shuffles the cards equally for the first joint training, in the family, of the Oltrepo. The module is only one: 3-4-3. On the one hand, Oltrepo A (black jersey): Donato between the posts, a three-man defense made up of June, Gabrielli and Lopane; in midfield Branduardi, Cicciù, Iervolino and Casiroli, attack trio with Paparella, Grasso and Zani; on the other front, Oltrepo B (yellow and blue outfit). The goalkeeper is Baschiazzorre, rearguard made up of Scarcella, Calloni, Selmo, in the midfield Ritondale, Villoni, Rebuscini and Negri, forward Pedrabissi, Citterio and Zanellati.

It starts in a light rain, but the sky is leaden and threatening. The Oltrepo B starts strong, the one in the yellow-blue jersey who scores in the second minute with Zanellati primed by a flash of Pedrabissi. At 5 ‘it is Pedrabissi who finds the double, again for the Gialloblù, entering the area and kicking with his left foot at the edge of the pole. At 20 ‘there is Zanellati’s internal post, so on the rebound Ritondale is good at calibrating a low cross inside the area that Citterio turns right, in the manner of him, on the furthest post. It is 3-0 yellow and blue. The Oltrepo A, in black jersey, suddenly shakes. And Nico Grasso begins to take the chair. Which at 23 ‘, prompted by Iervolino, shortens the sill without failing the winning tapin. Fat again in the 29th minute, which shortens further, hitting with a left-footed shot that touches the post and making the most of a defensive error. The 3-3, again by an unleashed Grasso, arrives at 34 ‘.

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It is the same striker who gets a penalty kick and transforms it, displacing Baschiazzorre. The first fraction ends after the agreed 35 ‘. The second half begins in a heavier rain and with thunder and lightning. And surprisingly, but not too much, Paparella takes the blacks ahead, scoring 4-3, completing the comeback from 3-0 to 4-3.

At 6 ‘it is Zanellati who has the 4-4 ball on the right, but Donato is good at the exit to tell him about us, rejecting the trajectory. In the yellow and blue space now for Gnaziri who is positioned in the middle of the field in place of Villoni. Then Villa takes over Negri. At 16 ‘Baschiazzorre peels the postponement with the right, the ball reaches Grasso who obviously does not forgive using the empty goal (5-3 for Oltrepo B). Grasso again on 17 ‘who scores the 6-3 goal with his left foot. At 22 ‘, on a penalty, the Gialloblù (Oltrepo B), shorten with Rebuscini (penalty procured by Scarcella and pushed by Lopane). Now the Gialloblù are trying to get back into the game. Scoring on 24 ‘with Zanellati on 6-5, and taking advantage of Donato’s inattention.

In the final the Gialloblù touched 6-6 with Ritondale (good Donato outgoing) and Scarcella in the lead. However, it ends 6-5 for Oltrepo A (black jersey), under the watchful eyes of president Fabrizio Catenacci, in the stands with honorary president Rina Rossi, vice president Ezio Cravedi and ds Nicola Raso. –

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