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Oltrepo goes under, then overwhelms the Piacenza Primavera

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Oltrepo goes under, then overwhelms the Piacenza Primavera

The result against the young red and white ends with a tennis score (6-1), two doubles signed by Grasso and Rebuscini


«The group grows, the team improves. But today I am happy above all with one thing, that we are working well and strong without having injuries. I think this is an important fact in this preparation phase. With Piacenza Primavera we kept a too low pace at the start and then conceded a goal that pissed me off a lot. Better in the second half, where the guys have understood my message and the message of the staff and have put on the field what we are able to express today ».

Thus Omar Albertini, leader of the Oltrepo, after his absolute debut at the municipal of Broni. Which for the occasion was presented “polished” after the restyling carried out by the company. The Oltrepo liquidates with a peremptory 6-1, the Primavera of Piacenza, which holds the field well for a while, where it also goes ahead.

A “mayor” in the field, Rebuscini, captain of the Oltrepo, who with a lightning brace, brings the red and white back into the saddle at the start of recovery. And a mayor in the stands, Antonio Riviezzi, enjoying the show, alongside the president Fabrizio Catenacci, the deputy Ezio Cravedi and the managing director, Maurizio Marcone. The public (a good turnout considered to be on August 20, with Serie A on the pitch at the same time), has fun admiring the Oltrepo which improves with the passing of the minutes, where it reports the score from its own. After the double of the “Rebu”, Citterio, Pedrabissi and Grasso go on the net (double for him too) who obtains and transforms a penalty. Mister Albertini uses all the current members of the squad, with the exception of the extreme defender Baschiazzorre (feverish). The importance of having an abundance of choices allows the coach to vary all departments, respecting the minutes (those who played less with Vertovese, immediately went on the pitch and stayed more).

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Oltrepo already expresses a good football, where Albertini’s hand is evident. Starting from the bottom, lightning-fast phrasing in the middle of the field, exploitation of the flanks, rapidity in attack, where the points with the one-two, go to the shot. If we want to nitpick, there is still no certainty about 2004, the youngest under to be obligatorily deployed on the field. Villoni (the former on duty) appears to be the best suited, but the others (Branduardi and Villa) have to do is grind training and grow. But it is not certain that some other solution cannot arrive from the market (the director Raso watches carefully). Yesterday, Sunday, a well-deserved rest for the group. Who today returns to the green mantle of Molino dei Torti, for the afternoon training at 5 pm. Tomorrow we return to Broni, back on the field, for the 1st Memorial “Giancarlo Magenta”, unforgotten president of Broni. It starts at 19: in the field with the Oltrepo, Acqui and Gaviese. 45 ‘times, and in case of a tie, penalty kicks. –

alessandro Maggi

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