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Olympia: IOC decision on Russia: DOSB boss excludes boycott

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Olympia: IOC decision on Russia: DOSB boss excludes boycott

Status: 03/28/2023 07:06 a.m

The International Olympic Committee is dealing with a possible re-admission of athletes from Russia. The DOSB rejects this, but wants to accept the recommendation.

The German Olympic Sports Confederation continues to reject the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus in international competitions, but is not considering a boycott of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris in the event of a complete return of athletes from both countries to the sports stage.

A German team will start, but we rule out a boycott for fundamental reasons.”said DOSB President Thomas Weikert in an interview with the newspapers of the Funke media group.

The International Olympic Committee will meet in Lausanne from 9 a.m. today to discuss a recommendation for future dealings with Russian and Belarusian athletes. Due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, these are currently excluded from all international competitions with a few exceptions.

Demands from Weikert

“We as the German Olympic Sports Confederation cannot imagine the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes at the moment. If the IOC decides otherwise, what is emerging, then in our opinion certain requirements must apply for athletes from these countries to start members of the Russian military should not be allowed to start. In addition, complete neutrality should apply to the athletes who are allowed to compete, i.e. no national symbols, colors and no anthems. And the question of doping must be clarified.”demanded Weikert.

The 61-year-old fears that Russian athletes’ participation in the Paris Games could be used for propaganda purposes. “Preventing this must be the top priority when it comes to approval”, emphasized Weikert. It is also difficult to prevent “that in Russia the athletes are advertised”, he said. “Hence our attitude: we don’t want them to be allowed to start again. But my premonition is that the IOC will recommend approval.”

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