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Olympic champions help national fitness Xi’an’s first community games Chang’an sub-competition kicks off

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Olympic champions help national fitness Xi’an’s first community games Chang’an sub-competition kicks off

Olympic champions help national fitness Xi’an’s first community games Chang’an sub-competition kicks off

2022-06-16 16:31:05Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The prosperity of the country will make sports prosperous, and the strength of sports will make the country strong. On the morning of June 16, the Chang’an Division of the First Community Games of Xi’an officially opened in Chang’an Central Park Plaza. Olympic champion Guo Wenjun made a surprise appearance and distributed sporting goods to community representatives, using the power of role models to promote the spirit of sports, pass on the enthusiasm for sports, and help the national fitness.

According to reports, the first community games in Xi’an took the form of “community organization, participation of the whole people”. Satisfied sports as the starting point, with the goal of building a higher-level national fitness service system, extensively carry out national fitness activities to allow more people to participate in sports.

In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in sports, promote communication between neighbors, and continuously meet the diverse sports needs of the residents, the Chang’an District Competition has 25 sports in 5 categories including ball, quality, and chess. The finals include square dancing and Tai Chi. There are 11 competition events and 2 exchange events including boxing (sword) and cycling.

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At the event site, the reporter saw that the opening performance of the opening ceremony was the three major national fitness programs in Chang’an—martial arts performances, table tennis exercises and cheerleading. The warm atmosphere created by the actors and the audience fully demonstrated the positive and confident spirit of the people in Chang’an District. In the sports events in the Weiqu Street sub-competition area held at the main venue, shuttlecock kicking, aerobics, fancy basketball, skipping rope and other events appeared one after another. The athletes were full of energy and high fighting spirit. The contestants perfected their speed and skills. The show made the audience eager to try.

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After the opening ceremony, with the referee’s whistle, the Community Games officially kicked off. The cheerful rhythm, the jumping notes, the bright smile, and the firm pace inspire the enthusiasm of the contestants. In the ball game, the men’s team and the women’s team faced off in their respective groups. The players fought fiercely. You competed for each other, you attacked and I defended.

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“When I learned the news of the community sports meeting, I quickly shared it in the Shuttlecock WeChat group, and quickly signed up.” Liu Ting, a resident of Shenghe Jiayuan, said that there are many parks in Chang’an, and there is a good place to exercise at your doorstep. She likes sports, and she usually kicks shuttlecocks in a circle with friends and neighbors. “After signing up for the community sports meeting, I met many new friends with like-mindedness. Everyone has agreed to exercise together in the future.” Liu Ting said.

The contestants have expressed that the community games, it feels good to let the neighbors participate together, and hope that the community will hold more such activities. While exercising together, we can also enhance friendship and affection among neighbors who are rarely seen on weekdays.

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During the interview that day, the reporter learned that as more and more people fall in love with sports, there are more and more various communities or different sports WeChat groups. For example, table tennis group, Tai Chi group, cycling group, badminton group, basketball group, etc. These communities bring together neighbors who love sports and fitness to enjoy sports, which not only enhances the atmosphere of national fitness, but also further strengthens the relationship between neighbors.

Friendly neighbors, abundant sports grounds, colorful community games, beautiful Chang’an Central Park… In order to guide residents to actively participate in community activities, interactive links such as physical fitness monitoring, initiative signatures, and fun and beautiful selfies are also set up at the event site. On-site staff or volunteers are enthusiastic to provide scientific guidance services such as physical fitness monitoring, sub-health screening, and issuing exercise prescriptions for the masses, and take practical actions to pay attention to the health of the people, improve the physical quality of the residents, and continuously improve the happiness and satisfaction of the general public. Spend.

The series of the Chang’an Division of the First Community Games in Xi’an is not only a grand event for national fitness, but also an important measure to further improve the comprehensive management ability of the community and the level of serving the people. While enriching the healthy life of the community, it will also gather together It is the power of Chang’an to build a livable and happy city.

Text / Gao Letu, Omnimedia Reporter of Xi’an Press/Li Ming Wang Jian, Omnimedia Reporter of Xi’an Press

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