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Olympic mixed team 10m air rifle Yang Qian/Yang Haoran reversed to win gold_combination

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Original title: Olympic mixed team 10-meter air rifle Yang Qian/Yang Haoran reversed to win gold

On July 27th, Beijing time, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics mixed team 10m air rifle competition conducted a medal competition. In the gold medal competition, the Chinese combination Yang Qian/Yang Haoran defeated the American combination Tucor/Kozenski. Add another gold medal for the Chinese delegation. This is also the ninth gold medal of the Chinese delegation and the second gold medal of Yang Qian! The combination of Kalimova/Kamensky of the Russian Olympic team won the bronze medal!

The medal competition rules for mixed team 10m air rifles and mixed team 10m air pistols are the same. Winning rounds will accumulate 2 points, tie each with 1 point, and the first 16 points will win.

The first battle for the bronze medal was the battle for the bronze medal. The Kalimova/Kamenski combination of the Russian Olympians played well. They took the initiative from the beginning. Facing the South Korean combination, the first two rounds were 21.1 rings. He was overtaken by 2 points, but found his form again in the fifth round, and gained the lead with 20.8 in exchange.

In the next 5 rounds, the Russian Olympians team was always in the lead. In the fourth penultimate round, the two sides tied together. After that, the South Korean team caught up with 2 points and fell behind 9-13. However, in the last two rounds, the Russian Olympic team performed well. , Played 21.1 and 20.8 changes, directly defeated the Korean combination 17-9 to lock the bronze medal.

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The competition for the gold medal was between the Chinese combination Yang Haoran/Yang Qian, and their opponent was the American star combination Tukor/Kozenski.

At the beginning of the first round, Yang Qian hit 10.5 ring, Yang Haoran hit 10.3 ring, 0.1 ring ahead of the United States, the Chinese team scored 2 points first! In the second round, Yang Qian’s condition declined, only hitting 9.7 rings, and was pulled back by 2 points by his opponent with 20.6 rings. In the third round, Yang Haoran hit 10.9 rings, Yang Qian hit 10 rings, and once again won the 0.3 ring to take the lead. Then the two sides each scored 1 point, the fifth round of the United States played well and played 20.9 rings, the total score came to 5-5. After that, the U.S. team won two consecutive rounds, leading 9-5.

In the seventh round, Yang Qian/Yang Haoran scored 21.4 rings to close the score to 7-9, and then they played 21 rings to tie the total score to 9-9! In the critical 10th round, the US team once again took the lead with a 20.5 ring. Subsequently, Yang Qian hit 10.8 ring, once again tied the score to 11-11! In the 12th round, the Chinese team once again scored a high score of 21.5 rings, but the United States only had 20.4 rings, and China led 13-11! In this way, Yang Qian/Yang Haoran can win the gold medal as long as they win 2 more shots! In the next round, Yang Qian and Yang Haoran scored 20.8 rings, only 0.1 ring ahead of the United States to win the match point!

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In the fourteenth round, the US team scored 21.1 points to get back 2 points and the score came to 13-15! In the next crucial round, Yang Qian hit 10.7 rings, and the American male player Kozeneski only hit 10 rings! Then Yang Haoran hit 10.4 rings, the Chinese team defeated the US team by 21.1 rings and 19.8 rings, and defeated the US team by 17-13 to win another gold medal! (LaMarcus)Return to Sohu to see more


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