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Olympics, archery: Chiara Rebagliati excellent debut

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At the end of the 72 arrows of the ranking round the Italian closes in 10th place, Boari 23rd and Andreoli 52nd. Nespoli is 23rd and tomorrow with Rebagliati in the mixed he will face Holland. The Italians, on the other hand, challenge Great Britain on Sunday

Complicated first day of competition for athletes at Yumenoshima Park Archery Field. The absolute protagonist was the scorching sun of Tokyo, which together with the high humidity put a strain on everyone’s performance. The first problems arose in the morning, when the medical workers were requested to enter the field at the end of the women’s qualification due to a failure of a Russian athlete. On the whole Italy did not obtain performances at the levels of its standard, but we will see what the real values ​​on the field will be in the qualifying heats. A high level of competition was certainly confirmed, especially in women, considering the Olympic record achieved by the South Korean An San, who scored 680 points overcoming the 673 of Ukrainian Lina Gerasymenko.


Italy can celebrate the excellent Olympic debut of the Italian Chiara Rebagliati. The 24-year-old from Savona scored 658 points, finishing in 10th place. She is the best of the Italians, followed by Lucilla Boari, 23rd with 651 and by Tatiana Andreoli who, after a performance unfortunately below her capacity, finished in 52nd place with 627 points. “I was very excited, I started with a first part not in my strings, but in the second part I tried to give my best fighting arrow after arrow,” he said.

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The scores of the blues led to a rather unfortunate scoreboard of individual direct matches. If Tatiana Andreoli will challenge the French Linda Barbelin on Friday 29 July to 32nd, in the same afternoon there could be a match between the Italians Lucilla Boari and Chiara Rebagliati to 16th. The first will challenge the Polish Sylwia Zyzanska at 7:02 pm and the second at 7:15 pm the Swedish Christine Bjerendal: if the athletes of the Fiamme Oro pass the turn it will be a derby between teammates.


The overall result of the blues is worth 8th place in teams with 1936 points, a position that on Sunday 25 July at 9:00 am in Tokyo (02:00 am in Italy) will see the blues challenge Great Britain to the second round. instead he finished in 9th place with 1916. In case of passage of the round the scoreboard of the direct clashes then foresees the match against South Korea in the quarter finals.


To shine were the Koreans and the American Brady Ellison. South Korean Kim Je Deok finished first with 688, followed by Ellison (682) and other Asian champion Oh Jin Hyek (681). After a very difficult start Mauro Nespoli recovered positions but finished the ranking round 24th with 658 points, a score below his standards. Nespoli’s points added to those of Rebagliati place Italy in 11th place in the mixed team, which will lead the two Azzurri to challenge the Netherlands (Schloesser, Wijler) tomorrow in the second round at 11:05 in Tokyo. finished sixth with 1327.

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