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On the day of the Guinness Prosecco Doc, he looks for the solo record

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What a spin against Trentino to hit the 74th in a row Santarelli (candidate for Poland coach): “Stay in the annals”


Here we are. Arriving at 74 consecutive victories for Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano would mean being the only team in the world to have reached this milestone, definitively breaking away from the confrontation with Vakifbank Istanbul. For having equaled the record of the Turks, the Gialloblù club will also receive a celebratory plaque from the Women’s Volleyball League before the match.

In front of the 3200 fans who will be present at the maximum capacity currently possible, the panthers will be able to celebrate the new Guinness World Book of unbeatenness and in the coming weeks also try to further lengthen the streak. They will have to avoid the mistake of taking today’s opponent lightly, who instead comes from six consecutive defeats and is last in the standings. Trentino will have nothing to lose, like and more than all of Conegliano’s opponents, and hopes at least to repeat what it did last year, when it was one of the few teams to be able to snatch a set from Wolosz and teammates. «During the week – explains Matteo Bertini, Delta Despar Trentino technician – we showed good things and we worked on what didn’t work properly on Saturday against Perugia, first of all our counterattack. Certainly we need to improve the approach to the race and the ability to stay focused point by point. Obviously we know the value of Conegliano and we know that it will be a very tough race: I think it is useless to spend further words for a fantastic company and team, which despite many problems is continuing to win and to write the history of this sport, testifying to a fantastic system. of game. We will try to play our game, without looking at the score but fighting for every ball and trying to find our rhythm ».

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On the other side of the net, Daniele Santarelli, after the risks taken in Cuneo, wants to keep the bar high and, at this point, aim for the absolute record of victories. «We talk about it a lot and obviously at this point we care a lot, it would be great to win today to be able to celebrate with our audience and celebrate a record that will remain in the annals. We will need a great match, because the Italian championship has shown us that there are no easy opponents, you risk on every field and with any team if you don’t play at your best. Trentino is a good team, it will be up to us to show our greatest caliber by playing an intense match. I certainly don’t expect gifts, on the contrary they will come to play with nothing to lose and I expect a cheeky opponent eager to play a great match against the leaders. We are improving as a condition, the injured are returning and this is important for us in view of the next goals ».

On Wednesday the Champions League begins at home against the Serbs of Zok Ub, next Sunday the away match in Scandicci, on December 1st there will be the match against Bisonte, no longer in Florence, due to the unavailability of the new Pala Wanny, but in Villorba. Following will be the commitments with Perugia at home and Nyiregyhaza in Hungary, before the trip to Ankara for the World Cup. Meanwhile, the Umbrian coach presented, like Massimo Barbolini, his candidacy to become the coach of the Polish women’s national team. “I worked very well with Croatia, I met fantastic people, but this is the right time for me to take a step forward,” Santarelli said in an interview with Tvp, the Polish state broadcaster, adding that he wanted to aim for go to the Olympics. In less than a year there is the World Cup in Poland and the Netherlands. –

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