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Once a well-deserved victory fades, better times will come

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bruno Pizzul

No one, after the first half, could have thought that Udinese would not win a match that had hitherto been dominated with Verona. In short, everything went smoothly, perhaps also due to the strange choices of Tudor who had left Caprari, Lazovic, Ilic and even Simeone on the bench, author of 4 goals against Lazio, but still excellently played by the bianconeri, who went ahead with Success after just a few minute from go. At least positive is the fact that Gotti’s team had stopped the deplorable habit of giving away the first times to their opponents, it didn’t happen in Bergamo, it didn’t happen with Verona.

In the second half Tudor then threw in all those he had incomprehensibly seated on the bench and the team reaped the logical benefits, even if Udinese seemed to be able to hold on without too much trouble. Until the episode of the rigor on which we can discuss endlessly, the more we see it, the more doubts and perplexities arise, which, transformed by the former Barak, fixed the result on one to one. Gotti, stimulated by the penalty episode, said he was saddened above all by the lightness of Walace, impeccable up to that moment, who lost the ball then adventurously arrived in the area but did not fail to reiterate that kind of spell for which the He always has penalties against and never in favor, defining such a statistic curious. Given how things went, there was no shortage of criticism for some replacements, but Gotti clearly explained the reasons that originated them. Udinese, it can be said in complete tranquility, would have amply deserved to forfeit the three points, in the showdown even when Verona put them a little on the ropes it is not that they have given too many opportunities to the Scala family, while in the first half, in addition to the goal from Success, Udinese nearly doubled in at least four circumstances. Tudor had favored the muscles of some of his elements, compared to the qualities of others that he showed in the second half, reaching a draw that perhaps not even he expected. As for Udinese, he held the pitch very well until all his players could best interpret the tactical solutions of Gotti who had to deal with important absences (Deulofeu and Pussetto) and the still incomplete recovery of Success, good at combining with Beto. The usual regret remains for the inability to secure the result. A pity, but high hearts. The most auspicious times will come. –

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