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“One policy for one game, one policy for one venue” Hangzhou Asian Games venues are fully opened to benefit the people

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“One policy for one game, one policy for one venue” Hangzhou Asian Games venues are fully opened to benefit the people

Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium

Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium, Hangzhou Gymnasium, Lin’an Sports Culture Convention and Exhibition Center Gymnasium… After the postponement of the Hangzhou Asian Games, 56 competition venues and 31 training venues are gradually opening their doors to the citizens of the province. The reporter learned from the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee that in principle, all competition and training venues will be open to benefit the people from July 1 this year, and the opening plan will be formulated in accordance with “one policy for one game, one policy for one hall”.

The relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee introduced that the opening of the venues and facilities of the Hangzhou Asian Games to benefit the people is to maximize the role of the Asian Games venues in sports competition, national fitness, culture and sports and other related fields after the completion of the Asian Games, and fully meet the growing needs of the citizens. Spiritual and cultural needs, and accumulated experience for the holding and post-match utilization of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The reporter learned that the competition and training venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be opened according to different directions of use to benefit the people.

The first category, venues that have been determined to implement market-oriented operations by third-party operating units, such as Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium (“Big Lotus”), can charge appropriate fees, introduce various sports cultural resources and brands in a market-oriented manner, and build a platform to organize Sports events, training exhibitions, cultural performances, etc.

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The second category is that the sports center venues in districts and counties that undertake the public service functions of basic sports should play the role of the main position of national fitness. Gymnasiums, squares, and track and field venues with relatively low operation and maintenance costs are open to the public free of charge.

The third category, some special venues that do not yet have market-oriented operations and national fitness conditions, such as special sports venues for rowing, kayaking, equestrian, shooting, cycling, etc., can be used as training bases by introducing relevant professional teams to run in the venues. Facilities and equipment, and moderate external experience activities.

In the fourth category, established university venues, in addition to meeting daily teaching requirements, can undertake various sports events, advocate opening to the society, and improve utilization efficiency.

Photo by Ma Saijie of Hangzhou Gymnasium

In the early stage, some competition and training venues for the Hangzhou Asian Games have been opened to the public in an orderly manner. “The lights are bright, the venue is tidy, and lockers have been added. The golfers can’t wait to experience it!” On the evening of May 24, Hangzhou squash enthusiast Jing Shenglai brought “equipment” and walked into the indoor training hall of Huanglong Sports Center Squash court. Since the opening of the Asian Games competition venue in the Huanglong Sports Center on May 16, it has become a “check-in place” for squash lovers. According to the relevant staff of Huanglong Sports Center, the gymnasium, as the Asian Games competition venue, mainly undertakes gymnastics competitions. Now it has been transformed into a basketball venue with a total of 8 half courts. “After the opening of the week, weekdays and weekend nights are prime time. Basically, the venue is fully booked, and the venue experience feedback is also relatively good.”

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Before the official opening on May 25, the Hangzhou Gymnasium held a three-day free experience for citizens. The 14 table tennis tables and 4 squash courts opened in the stadium are very popular. “The appointment mini-program has not yet been opened, and the hotline has been continuously connected. In addition to the citizens who come to exercise, many people also want to visit and experience the Asian Games venues in advance.” The relevant staff of Hangzhou Gymnasium said.

How to continue to do a good job in the operation and maintenance of venue facilities in addition to public activities? The Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee proposes to open up in an orderly manner during protection and strictly protect during opening. Each venue operation team should establish a long-term fixed venue facility operation and maintenance guarantee team to run the venue facility operation and maintenance throughout the whole process of benefiting the people and opening. , to promote the running-in and upgrading of venue facilities and equipment to ensure that the requirements of the event are met.

For example, the plastic track of the stadium, the wooden floor of the gymnasium, and the swimming pool can be open for use under the premise of taking protective measures; the natural sports turf can be used for training by professional sports teams (non-track and field projects), and the professional teams are responsible for their maintenance. Large-scale performing arts events, etc. in the lawn area. The venue operation team will also strengthen the management and maintenance of event equipment to ensure the safe operation of venue facilities.

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