Home Sports Only in the game for ten minutes, then the collapse: Apu humiliated in Bologna

Only in the game for ten minutes, then the collapse: Apu humiliated in Bologna

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Only in the game for ten minutes, then the collapse: Apu humiliated in Bologna

BOLOGNA. OOld Wild West joke. No, humiliated on live TV at the PalaDozza by a Fortitudo who is only sixth in the championship. It’s a team that can’t stand Udinese. Other than June, finals and glory, his championship is likely to have come to an end on January 30th.

With almost three million spent, it took a lot of effort to cook this omelette. There was only a real game in the first quarter.

Fossa’s “Oxfordian” welcome to Friulians, who honor former president Enzo Cainero in a minute’s silence. First grain: there is no Briscoe (knock on the knee), but clinging to Isaiah after the havoc seen would not be honest.

Finetti begins with Pellegrino and Esposito, Gentile, the prodigal son Palumbo and Sherrill. It’s hard to play in this climate, deafening roar, the Apu tries with Gentile, destined for many minutes on the parquet, who the more he is booed and the more he tries to charge with that average shot by throwing himself backwards which is unstoppable in this category.

But in an acceptable first quarter (26-22) there is already the seed of defeat: three triple feet on the ground granted to Aradori alone. If he doesn’t defend the Apu 2.0 he can no longer save himself with shooting from outside, he doesn’t even have shooters anymore after the December revolution.

The unwatchable big men are also beaten by the goalkeeper of the building and Effe, pipe in his mouth, thus takes over the game flying to 36-26 after 2 minutes of the quarter. The Apu is too fragile, a badly built and perhaps worse adjusted team, with a young coach at the controls of an undrivable car. Thirty-six points taken in 12 minutes, 50, 50 you got it right, in the middle of the quarter: the Apu isn’t there. And when Italiano scores the triple table and then another one, the embarkation is served, it’s already the ventello before the interval. Gentile, who however can’t make pots and lids, and vaguely Gaspardo try, but we’re not there. Here Cividale eight days ago had won with the weapons of a seasoned coach like Pillastrini: calmness, defensive organization, grit. And without an American, just to make it clear that Effe has faded these days. And not a little.

President Pedone thinks, or has someone who understands basketball do it, instead of clinging to alleged conspiracies or various lies. Because then to the fans, who continue to fill Carnera despite everything, we need to explain a game like this. And please leave Messina and Scariolo alone for Finetti. We repeat, the Sienese is a good coach, but this only hurts him, Dalmonte outclassed him with a Lambretta. Knowing that Udine without long shots and shooters can only do one thing: rely on penetrations, in the fourth it’s all over.

The breaking latest news of a humiliation, not of a match records the partial in the 20th minute: 60-37. Yes, the redone Apu is perhaps worse than the previous one. That at least before the December crisis defended. Was Briscoe missing? Come on, let’s be serious, Gentile in A2 is better than an American. The Fortitudo fans, accustomed to seasons of bread and water, ask themselves incredulously: «Sixty points, but how did we do it?». Eleven out of thirteen threes in 20′, yes a day of grace, but free from threes even an honest C silver shooter scores come on. It ends 95-67: we won’t even tell you the final twenty minutes. Out of pity. —

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