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Opener preview: KD Harden wants revenge for Bucks, Lakers, Big Three besiege Curry_Preseason

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Original title: Preview of the opening game: KD Harden wants revenge for the Bucks, the Big Three and the Lakers besie Curry

News from October 19, Beijing time, the 2021-22 regular season opener will start tomorrow. The following is a preview of tomorrow’s game:

Nets VS Bucks (07:30)

This opener has a different meaning for the Nets. They not only have to face the Bucks who eliminated themselves last season-in the case of a 3-1 lead, the Bucks came back tragically-but they also have to watch The opponent receives the championship ring and raises the championship banner.

“Maybe this will make the team more motivated?” Nets coach Steve Nash said when talking about the opening game. “This is the first game of the season. No matter who we face, we will work hard. We only need to care about ourselves. , We care about whether we can perform well and be integrated. Everything else goes with the flow. We will not pay too much attention to the topical things.”

The Nets were originally one of the most successful teams operating this summer, but Kyrie Irving’s refusal to play the vaccine backhanded the team. In the end, the Nets slashed and announced that they would fully implement the New York area’s epidemic prevention regulations. Will not play or train with the team. The Big Three suddenly became a Gemini, and the Nets’ non-combat attrition was indeed surprising, which also doubled the pressure of Durant and Harden’s game. In addition, the Nets ranked 21st in the league in points per game and 23rd in defensive efficiency. Against the Bucks tomorrow, the team must improve defense.

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The Bucks will receive the championship ring in the opening game, and they will definitely hope to add luster to their coronation with a victory. In the new season, the Bucks are still regarded by the outside world as a strong contender for the championship. They retained all the championship lineups except Tucker, and introduced Grayson Allen, George Hill, Rodney Hood, Semi-Ojelai and other powerful players have further improved their strength. The Bucks only achieved a record of 1 win and 4 losses in the preseason, but their core lineup is still the most stable and most effective in the league. In the preseason, Holiday shot 57.1%, Antetokounmpo 68.8%, and Middleton 75%. In addition, after winning the championship, Antetokounmpo was obviously more confident on the court than before, and he was trying to expand his scoring area. In addition to the iconic dunks and hooks under the basket, he also made a jumper when he turned over. More self-confident, and didn’t even hesitate to stop for a three-pointer.

Warriors VS Lakers (10:00)

The Lakers’ offseason lineup changed a lot. They introduced many powerful players such as Russell Westbrook, Nunn and Munch, as well as veterans such as Anthony and Howard. It is worth mentioning that the Lakers are difficult to win in the preseason and suffered 6 consecutive losses. Although the preseason games are not important, the consecutive losses have also aroused everyone’s doubts. Westbrook is one of the players who have received much attention. In the past few seasons, scoring triple-doubles has been commonplace, but it has also been accompanied by high turnovers and low offensive efficiency. Westbrook played a total of 4 games in the preseason and made 23 turnovers. However, Lakers coach Vogel said that Westbrook does not need to make changes and he still plays in a consistent way.

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Westbrook also doesn’t worry about the team’s performance in the preseason: “I’ve been in the league for 13 years, but I won’t tell you my preseason record in any of these years. So, this it’s not a big deal.”

On the other hand, the Warriors, during the entire preseason, they may be one of the teams that surprised everyone the most, and it even makes people feel that the dynasty warrior is back. The Warriors achieved a complete victory record, Stephen Curry contributed a lot, averaging 24.5 points, 4.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game, and the three shooting percentages were 50%, 40.5% and 81.3%. For the team, compared to the record, Curry’s excellent personal status is more gratifying. In addition, the young teenager Poole has an eye-catching performance, scoring at least 15 points in 5 consecutive games, he is expected to become the most important helper around Curry.

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