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Opening Ceremony of Hangzhou Asian Games Receives Praise for High-Level Organization and Phenomenal Performance

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Hangzhou Asian Games Opening Ceremony Receives High Praise from All Parties

September 24th (China News Service) – The opening ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou received widespread acclaim for its high-level organization and phenomenal performance. On the evening of the 23rd, the opening ceremony, with the theme of “Chasing Asia,” took place on the banks of the Qiantang River, showcasing the beauty of technology and art while conveying Chinese culture and sportsmanship. People from all walks of life spoke highly of the event.

The opening ceremony seamlessly incorporated traditional Chinese cultural elements such as Liangzhu, Song Dynasty, and poetry, using cutting-edge technology to showcase the unique charm of oriental aesthetics. Kwon Ki-sik, president of the South Korea-China Cities Friendship Association, praised the integration of Hangzhou’s classical charm and innovative vitality as a smart city, highlighting the wave of integration between China, Asia, and the world in the new era.

One of the highlights of the opening ceremony was the use of digital technology to ignite the torch of creativity. Saudi expert on international affairs Abdul Aziz Shabani expressed deep admiration for the participation of digital torchbearers in lighting the main torch. He believed that this creative technology not only showcased advanced technology but also represented the vision of Asian people coming together through sports to build a better future.

Head of the Hong Kong delegation, Fok Qigang, also marveled at the digital charm of the event. He praised the strong sense of technology portrayed in the performance, particularly highlighting the impactful scene of two dancers suspended in the air, dancing in sync with the visuals on the ground and the big screen behind them. Fok also commended the use of digital fireworks instead of traditional fireworks, as it aligns with the concept of ecological and environmental protection.

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Furthermore, Fok noticed that the opening ceremony was “athlete-centered,” unlike previous ceremonies where athletes would miss the performances while waiting outside. The Hangzhou Asian Games welcomed athletes enthusiastically, allowing them to fully engage and integrate into the entire event.

The opening ceremony’s theme, “We know each other no matter how far away we are, but we are still neighbors thousands of miles away,” resonated throughout the night sky, conveying the host’s sincere invitation and blessing to all athletes and guests from around the world.

Affendi, a technical officer of the Asian Sailing Federation from Malaysia, compared the opening ceremony to previous Asian Games and Olympic Games held by China, stating that it was one of the most exciting opening ceremonies he has seen. He also noted the significant development and improvement in towns and villages since his first visit to China in the 1980s.

China’s rapid development not only showcased a majestic and wonderful opening ceremony that combined Chinese and Asian styles but also left a deep impression on all parties with its high-level organizational work.

During the official press conference of the Olympic Council of Asia and the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, Acting Chairman of the Olympic Council of Asia, Singh, expressed high praise for the opening ceremony, stating it was the best he has ever seen among the many he has attended.

Singh emphasized that leaders from various countries and regions also attended the opening ceremony and witnessed its impeccable organization. He further commended the excellent services provided at the athletes’ village, training venues, and restaurants, expressing the satisfaction of everyone involved.

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Wei Jizhong, lifelong honorary vice president of the Olympic Council of Asia, also praised the evacuation work after the opening ceremony, stating that it was the best he has ever seen among the Asian Games and Olympic Games he has participated in.

The comprehensive and thoughtful actions taken by the hosts, whether through the exciting moments during the opening ceremony or meticulous services provided after the event, demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a successful Hangzhou Asian Games.

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