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Opitergina changes: Lenisa or Costantini Feltrin: «Exemption? I didn’t expect it “

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The first exemption in Group C of Excellence arrives from Oderzo. After the defeat against Liventina, the third in three league games, Opitergina relieved Francesco Feltrin from his post. The replacement is not yet known. Among the eligible candidates there would also be Sandro Lenisa, former Chions, and Maurizio Costantini, last year at Sandonà but as ds. For now the red and white entrusted to the assistant coach Lauro Florean. «Three games in which we remained in the game. I did not expect this decision, from colleagues and acquaintances I received many messages of understanding “, says Feltrin,” This year the company has made some sacrifices, both I and the management consider the squad to be competitive for the medium-high ranking. However, thanks to the injuries and ailments that hit the most experienced players and who had been signed for an important season – such as Zorzetto, Maccan, Carniello and Pisani – at the moment the team is in the lower-middle ranking. When she makes up for the absent, she will be competitive again. Pradebon only played on Sunday, while Acampora has recently arrived. Perhaps the company did not consider the absences and, given the zero points, wanted to shock. In any case, I felt good in Oderzo, unlike when I was at Treviso. I left on good terms with Opitergina ».

Regional cups. Here are the matches of the next round of the 13/10 Cup, one way. Today the draw of the field. Italian Cup of Excellence (round of 16): Arcella-Giorgione, Portogruaro-PortoMansuè and Treviso-Opitergina. Veneto Promotion Trophy (round of 16): Conegliano-Vazzola, Ponzano-Favaro, Noventa-Fontanelle and Villorba-S. Lucia. First Trophy (thirty-second): Paese-AltiMaser, Valdo-Condor, Jesolo-SanVe, Biancorossi-Bibione, Refrontolo-Cisonese, Silea against San Martino or San Michele. Second Trophy (thirty-second): Ezzelina-San Floriano, Fratte-P. Porcellengo, Carbonera-Musile, Cimapiave-Zigoni, Cessalto-Fossaltese, Vigor-San Fior and Fregona-Farra Alpago.

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Judge. Excellence: a race in Salviato (Treviso) and Barzaghi (Union Pro); stop until 25/10 for Romeo (Godigese assistant coach). Promotion: a competition in Mbengue (Villorba); Stop until 18/10 for Moro (coach S. Lucia). Fine of 120 euros at Vazzola and 80 euros at Conegliano for insults. Before: a race in Rosolen (Gorghense), De Faveri (Salvatronda) and Carraro (Union Riese). Second: Castion-Asolo (0-4 on the field) 3-0 at the table due to the non-registration of Joel Atala. Six matches in Selmanoski (Campolongo) for repeated insults to the referee. Third: Loria-Cogitana (0-0 on the field) 0-3 at the table due to the non-registration of Bernardi. –

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