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Osimhen, false accounting hypothesis President De Laurentiis investigated

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Osimhen, false accounting hypothesis President De Laurentiis investigated

Naples: Prosecutor’s investigation, financial searches


From the penalty area to the cold rooms of the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office it is a moment and Victor Osimhen, in spite of himself, becomes an international case, leaving the field and finding himself at the center of a sensational intrigue: his purchase, which dates back to the summer of 2020 , a 70 million euro deal, with bonuses and technical compensation, becomes the binder of an investigation that exploded yesterday with searches. The question that magistrates ask themselves, probably and almost certainly, is: can Karnezis, the third goalkeeper of the Napoli era, with Manzi, Palmieri and Liguori, in fact three Primavera players, ever be valued at 20 million euros? It all dates back to two summers ago, the full Covid era, with Napoli shaking the market and identifying the footballer of the future in the Lille center forward: a long, even grueling negotiation, which ended on July 31 with a press conference in Capri by De Laurentiis for the official announcement. The 70 million (to which to add some benefits) is drastically reduced to fifty or so, because Napoli turns to Lille Karnezis, 35 years old in those days, and three young men – Liguori, Manzi and Palmieri – children of the youth sector and who however they will never arrive in France, letting their career develop between Fermana, Afragolese and Nocerina. Checks and searches by the GdF in Castel Volturno, in the Naples offices, and at Filmauro in Rome, where Osimhen’s contract was seized; while also in Lille, checks were carried out at the headquarters of the Ligue1 club.

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The Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Economic-Financial Police Unit of the Neapolitan Guardia di Finanza have launched an investigation to verify whether there are crimes in this affair which has already been analyzed by the Prosecutor of the Federcalcio, which acquitted De Laurentiis and the Naples: but this is another story, because the investigators have entered in the register of suspects, for the crime of false accounting in competition, Adl, president of the board of directors of the Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli spa; his wife Jaqueline Baudit, and his son, Edoardo De Laurentiis, who are vice-presidents of the club. Andrea Chiavelli, as managing director of the Naples board of directors, also contested the false accounting. And the same crime was charged to Valentina De Laurentiis, daughter of Aurelio, who is a director in the company. De Laurentiis is under investigation for the crime of fraudulent declaration, as the legal representative of the Napoli Soccer Club. –

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