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«Our championship outside Italy will be called Serie A Made in Italy»

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«Our championship outside Italy will be called Serie A Made in Italy»

The CEO of Serie A, Luigi De Siervo, gave an interview to the Spanish sports newspaper AS in which he spoke above all of the apparently positive moment that the Italian football championship is going through, after three of his teams reached the final – with merit and with luck – of the three European cups. According to De Siervo, Serie A started a virtuous path a few years ago to recover the important role it had up to 15-20 years ago, and now it will have to make a series of investments to continue on this path.

Several of the investments mentioned by De Siervo aim to make Serie A more attractive on the foreign market and to earn more money from the sale of television rights abroad. Among the initiatives that form part of this commitment, De Siervo announced, the championship will also change the name with which it presents itself outside Italy, which until now has been simply “Serie A”: «We have concluded an agreement for 10 million euros he season with the government: our league outside Italy will be called Serie A Made in Italy».

For the moment there are no more details on this choice, but De Siervo’s statements seem to allude to a sponsorship of the Serie A name by the Italian government, which would therefore pay to show the brand associated with products that originate in Italy.

In this period, the Serie A championship is also preparing the sale of the television rights of the matches from the 2024/2025 season onwards. De Siervo said that the league intends to take advantage of this good moment to obtain higher revenues from this sale: «We aim for a figure between 1.15 and 1.38 billion euros per season for Italy. Anna Guarnerio, director of international rights, is working to go from 250 to 400 million».

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De Siervo also commented on the new format of the Italian Super Cup which from next year will include a mini-tournament in which no longer two, but four teams will participate, the top two in the championship and the finalists in the Italian Cup: «We have obtained an important agreement with the ‘Saudi Arabia. It will last four seasons and with this format we will be able to export four major Italian clubs».

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