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Pafundi, Baldanzi, Casadei and the others: Italy Under 20 is pure gold. Now even Brazil, defeated at the World Cup, knows it

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Pafundi, Baldanzi, Casadei and the others: Italy Under 20 is pure gold.  Now even Brazil, defeated at the World Cup, knows it

11pm Sunday evening is a hours uncomfortable, It is true. But who has decided to to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to watch Italy Under 20’s Carmine Nunziata at the World Cup category that is played in Argentina he wasn’t disappointed, quite the contrary. The boys led by the former footballer of Padova they crashed the Brazil, super favorite of the event together with the usual Argentina landlady, going ahead by 3 to 0 in the first half, mocking the gold and green for over an hour and bringing home the final victory by 3 to 2 with some worries in the last minutes. There is much more, however, beyond the resultwhich makes the next matches of the Azzurrini attractive to the detriment of theprohibitive hours. First of all, it is not a gamble to say that Italy has never had a Under 20 so strongand going into even more detail, fantasy footballers are very strong: those who allo Italian football chessboard have been missing since Del Piero e Totti.

They made the difference in the match against Brazil Baldanzi e At the bottomtogether with Casadei scored twice, but the former Inter player (who meanwhile went to Chelsea for 15 million) is a different type of player, more physically structured. The two number 10s have literally devastated the green-gold (which also of theirs they put in old ones reinterpretations of carioca defensive football cheerfulness) slipping between the lines with ball quickly, creating superiority and opportunities. Real Brazilians looked like those two goblins: the 10 Baldanzi and 10+10, Pafundi (he wears the number 20 shirt). The latter in particular, who is the youngest in the company together with the Interista Esposito having only recently turned 17, with the ability to acceleration in the strait and a left hand that sings gives hope for truly wonderful things. There is much more of course: the goalkeeper deplanches he showed excellent interventions, good readings also from the central defender from Empoli Guarino and also the ability to insert of Matteo Wash with an evocative surname and author of the goal that opened the ball.

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And therefore in singles he is probably the strongest Under 20 that Italy has led to a world: it must be considered that if net of the moment that is anything but rosy, Italy remains one of the nations with the most tradition footballwith 4 World Cups and 2 European Championships won by the senior national team and with an Under 21 5 times European champion, the Under 20 did not guarantee the same results. The best was 2017’s third place StretcherDiMarco and Orsolini. But net of the quality of the singles, something else also emerged from the match against Brazil: the game plots, with one or maximum two touches put on the field by the blue boys, showed that there is an idea of ​​the game that Nunziata carries on, probably also in agreement with the coach of the senior national team Mancini, that some of that talent monitors them very closely. And the fact that with those talents and those game ideas Nunziata’s boys have put a team in embarrassment overflowing of valuable pieces is to be taken into consideration. The Brazil Under 20 in fact for Transfer market is worth 100 million (Italy 25) and has elements of the caliber of Marcos Leonardo (who scored 2 goals and already costs 20 million), Matheus (who will probably be a footballer of the Real Madrid), Marquinhos who is from Arsenal, Andrey Santos already signed by Chelsea. Obviously they are boys, they will have a very difficult path where they have only put the first one brick, but they are worth watching. Also because the next two group matches against Nigeria e Dominican Republic instead of at 11pm they will play at 8pm.

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