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Pagano: the D is not in the plans Balestra does not seek excuses

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The grenade technician: “Well done to manage the game after the advantage, keep it up” The guest coach wand Tambussi, Panigati complains for the missed penalty


If the climate in the stands is rather tense at the end of the match (and also during) due to some referee decisions that have caused discussion, the two coaches show up after the match showing a calm and responsible attitude.

Mister Pagano, of course, is revved up after a 3-0 that propels Varzi to the first place alone in the standings. «Our team was not built to win the championship but in any case to play it at good levels – he explains for the avoidance of doubt – and we are succeeding. Clearly everything is easier when the results arrive and there is a lot of enthusiasm. We will have to evaluate the team when, and if, the difficult moments arrive, there it will be important to be able to react ». Pagano continues in the examination and states: «The boys were good, we faced the Academy with the right mentality. Once we gained the advantage, we managed the game and measured our energy, even for the heat. Absences? We have some important ones, but I’ve never complained. This is because I am sure that every boy who enters the field on Sunday always gives his best and reap the fruits of the work done during the training sessions during the week ».

Crossbow doesn’t look for an alibi

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The Academy coach, Andrea Balestra, does not seek justifications, as is his style. He does not cling to the last minute absences (Salcone and Maggi) that forced him to change from the forecast on the eve, nor to the Sardinian whistle. «The referee decisions? I prefer to say that the attitude with which we faced the match was not the right one – he comments – Certainly the penalty against Catania could have been there, but we have died from that moment and this is not good. My teams must show determination and a desire to react, this is also a characteristic of the Academy but this time it did not go that way. Congratulations to Varzi, who was able to bring us to his field, they are a team that knows how to wait and then strike. We had to do something else ». And with regard to Tambussi’s second admonition, which cost him his removal from the pitch, it is imperative: «It was a sensational stupid, the player was naive and he knows it well. But he is an intelligent boy and mistakes are used to learn and grow ». We ask Balestra who saves his men in the general dullness: “Only Morici and Balesini, the younger ones.” Despite the heavy passive, however, the coach takes his leave, reiterating that he particularly likes the mini-championship formula. “It’s a beautiful tournament, which allows you to play ten high-level matches – he says – from which we can all learn”.

Instead, the president of the Academy, Ezio Panigati, comes out with a more sad look: “Matches can be won and lost, but honestly I think this was distorted because there was a clear penalty on Catania that could have significantly changed the course of the match . From that moment on another game began and in this we were wrong to get too psychologically involved in each other. Having said that, congratulations to Varzi, because he played an excellent match, certainly better than ours ». –

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