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Paladin, beautiful escape with Van Dijk who then triumphs

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Great action by Soraya Paladin in the elite test at the European Championships in Trento: about forty kilometers on the run with the future winner Van Dijk, from minus 60 to minus 23 km. An attack, albeit without luck, which was also the best visiting card for the change of jersey: yesterday the announcement of the landing from 2022 to the German Canyon-Sram of the strong Polish Niewiadoma. Returning to the breakaway, it was the right one: the legs, however, gave way, likely to have influenced the very few races (in fact only Plouay, the Liv had not brought her to the Vuelta) faced after the Olympics. Good at seizing the moment for action from afar, Paladin still signs yet another generous performance in blue, locking up the call-up for the World Cup in Belgium, scheduled in two weeks.

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