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Palascherma Modica, works delivered

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Palascherma Modica, works delivered

The works were delivered this morning to the Palascherma in Modica. This was announced by the mayor, Maria Monisteri, who explained how the company “will have just over 400 days to complete the interventions. Together with the Honorable Ignazio Abbate, president of the first Institutional Affairs commission at the ARS, and with the councilor Antonio Drago – he said again – we continue on the path started 10 years ago, towards a complete redevelopment of the building and other structures of the City. The Palascherma di Modica Alta will be larger and even more functional, becoming a real point of reference for the national and international fencing movement. A structure, moreover, to which I am particularly attached both for having been the president of the Modica Fencing company for many years and as a CONI provincial delegate as well as as a parent and, in my institutional past with the council of Ignazio Abbate, as councilor for Sport. Now, as Mayor, I was present at theact of delivery which is not only a formal moment but also a substantial one towards the construction of a structure that will be a flagship of Sicilian sports facilities and which will be inaugurated in his new role – once the work is finished and as he personally promised me – by the president of CONI, Giovanni Malagò. CONI was represented this morning by its provincial trustee, Leandro Giurdanella”

With today’s delivery of the works to the Palascherma di Modica alta, financed with PNRR funds – said Ignazio Abbate, president of the first ARS Institutional Affairs commission – we mark another step in a path that we have been following for years and which has as its objective that of equipping Modica of useful structures and infrastructures intended to bring prestige. The synergy with the Sicily Region is fundamental. There must be a constant and uninterrupted link between local authorities and the Region so that municipalities can equip themselves with everything needed for the growth of a community. And for this to happen, there must be a continuous relationship with Palermo. Modica, through this consolidated synergy, continues to grow. The Palascherma will be a Federal Center and will become an international point of reference, absolutely functional and valuable for the world of sport. Furthermore, the interventions planned and which I spoke about this morning with the managers of the company, provide for an absolute improvement of the building in each of its parts, including a new floor entirely dedicated to the platform room”.

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“This morning’s act – added Antonio Drago, councilor for public works – does not only have a formal aspect as we substantiated with the Mayor and the Honorable Abbate but also a substantial one. The renovation and expansion works of the Palascherma in Modica Alta have a total amount of 3 million and 200,000 euros, entirely financed with PNRR funds. The structure has been completely emptied and work can begin immediately in order to fully respect delivery times. Seismic adaptation and expansion of the surface useful for sporting activities are planned. In the basement, there will be the lecture with adjoining rooms, meeting room and conference room. On the ground floor, they will be the changing rooms, technical rooms and offices were expanded while the first floor will be entirely occupied by Fencing room. Will be every architectural barrier has been demolished and the interventions include energy efficiency through so-called ‘alternative energies'”

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