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Palermo, crack and coke in front of the middle school. Threats to the carabinieri: 6 arrests

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Carabinieri (Ansa)

Palermo, 1 December 2021 – They were peddling in the sunlight crack and any other type of drug in front of Buonarroti middle school, in Palermo. But they weren’t limited to that, they beat up buyers not cautious, parents protesting, up to threaten the carabinieri. So tonight the operation was triggered “Carthago” of the soldiers of the Monreale company against the gang that plagued the Palermo district of Passo di Rigano.

Pre-trial detention has arrived for 12 people, 6 ended up in prison, and the same number under house arrest. The group ran a large business of cocaine, crack, hashish and marijuana, a business that brought in estimated earnings of around 500,000 euros a year. For those arrested, the charges are of illicit production, trafficking and possession of drugs.

The investigations, between September 2018 and April 2020, revealed how the gang was organized. The base shop was operated in a municipal house in front of the school, but the sale of drugs also took place in the streets and alleys of the neighborhood.

Various cases of assaults were also discovered, such as the beating of a buyer who with his statements had resulted in the arrest of a member of the group of drug dealers, and the attack on his 51-year-old father course in defense of the son. Then the intimidation directly to a carabiniere, invited to lighten the presence of the military in the area. This did not happen, on the contrary in the months 9 people in the act of crime had been arrested, 20 buyers reported to the prefecture and about 500 doses of narcotic seized.

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