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Pamela Mastropietro, mother’s shock shirt in court: “Look how they reduced it”

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Pamela Mastropietro, mother’s shock shirt in court: “Look how they reduced it”

Macerata, 25 January 2023 – Shock shirt in court for the mother of Pamela Mastropietrothe 18th killed in Macerata iJanuary 30 January 2018. At Assize Court of Perugiatoday, in fact, the bis trial against Innocent Oseghale and Pamela’s mother, Alessandra, was in the classroom wearing a T-shirt with images of part of the dead body of the daughter. “You saw how they reduced it to me,” she told reporters showing her photo.

Pamela and her mother with the shock shirt in court in Perugia

Oseghale, held responsible for the 18-year-old’s murder, was also present in the courtroom. Upon her arrival at the court, relatives and friends of the girl were waiting outside the Court of Appeal. They displayed banners in memory of Pamela to ask for justice: “After five years we are still waiting for justice. Bestiality must not become normality”.

Also, it was came close to a fight in the courtroom between Pamela’s mother and the Nigerian. The foreigner, detained, spoke a few words to Alessandra Verni as he was being taken away by the prison police at the end of the hearing, saying among other things “enough judicial oppression”. Pamela’s mother at that point reacted by trying to throw herself at him. However, the penitentiary police and the carabinieri intervened between them and the two were immediately removed.

The moment of tension came after the President of the Court asked Oseghale if he intended to participate in the next hearing (the trial it was postponed to 22 February). The defendant, after talking to his lawyer, said no.

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In today’s hearing, one of the two witnesses called to testify communicated his impediment for health reasons.

The defendant was convicted definitively for the crimewhile the Cassation has sent the documents to Perugia regarding the accusation of sexual assault. Contestation which, according to the general prosecutor’s office, “can be said to be certain”.

Last November 23, the judges of Perugia had decided to renew the investigation, hearing as witnesses two men with whom Pamela had had protected sexual relations after leaving the therapeutic community of Corridonia and before meeting Oseghale.

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