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Panthers, something that glitters in the sock But watch out for Novara …

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Prosecco Doc Imoco today at 5.30 pm is hunting for the first trophy of 2022 Yesterday only a set of distraction against Busto, Piedmontese qualified at the table


There is only one Epiphany stocking available. Inside there is a candy called Coppa Italia which for two years has adorned Conegliano’s yellow and blue shirts with the tricolor cockade. It will still be the Igor Novara who will try to trip the panthers, with the Head of State in the stands, called in the end to reward the winners: Sylla has already booked.

The semifinal with Busto sees the expected sextets on the field, with the return of Folie and the obligatory choices for the Lombard women, without Olivotto and Ungureanu. The first set slips away with a disarming difference that brings to mind the start of the match against Fenerbahçe at the World Cup. The wall is the fundamental on which the panthers build the advantage, thanks to three prints by De Kruijf and two by Wolosz. The first break comes on a very profitable turn of service by Folie (7-3) who closes the set with three aces.

Busto suffers in defense and fails to produce the minimum vital, with the direction of Poulter completely on tilt. A good 44% in attack and a modest 43% in reception is enough for Conegliano to go to the first rest. It is the attitude that seems to be that of great occasions, while the butterflies, returning from Monday afternoon’s match against Scandicci, show a bit of fatigue. As expected, at the resumption of the game the parts are reversed and Busto manages to put his head forward (3-6) with Gray more reactive and effective. Conegliano patches up with two consecutive Egonu aces, but then continues to give points in attack and serve, keeping the opponents in balance in the score. Santarelli’s girls play cat and mouse, without being able to put the decisive shots on 18-15. Bust in turn wastes and gives the panthers the maximum advantage. At 24-21 it is Gray and Mingardi who throw their hearts over the obstacle by putting in a partial 0-5 that surprises the panthers for grit and competitiveness.

The shock makes the competition more interesting, thanks to the variation of the strokes by the corsets, which change directions, strength and jump times. Conegliano stays on track and fights for every ball, like Sylla who sacrifices her right elbow on a billboard. Egonu returns to levels of world excellence (who knows how many watched it from Istanbul), De Kruijf and Folie implacable in the center assisted by Wolosz on the wall. They are the ones who build the break that leads from 11-11 to 18-12. Busto is stunned and Conegliano does not replicate the mistake of slowing down the pace. Of the eight set points achieved, the first one due to a mistake by Mingardi is enough.

Even without the points and percentages in attack of Sylla and Plummer, which however grow along the way in reception and defense, the Prosecco Doc Imoco forces Busto to risk everything. In the middle of the fourth set Santarelli chooses a new move, changing both bands. Omoruyi and Courtney take the place of Sylla and Plummer, before Egonu’s ace which is worth the maximum advantage (15-11). Two empty passes by De Kruijf, dunk in the net and block taken by Bosetti, cost the draw, which Busto manages to turn into an advantage on 17-18. Egonu gets bricked up and then sends along (19-21), but redeems himself immediately. Put a diagonal of applause in the first meter of the field and walls in turn Gray, after a first half by Folie. Gray cancels the first set point, but Omoruyi closes without fear. Today we need to make less mistakes. –

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