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Paolo and Carlotta, two hearts without a hut: “We are a couple with Down syndrome and nobody rents us a house”

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Paolo and Carlotta, two hearts without a hut: “We are a couple with Down syndrome and nobody rents us a house”

The proverb says: “Two hearts and a hut”. But for Paolo Sesana35 years old and Carlotta Sganga39, the city of Milan seems to have closed all its doors and instead of a nest for their love, it has instead given many “no“. The couple has been in for over a year looking for a house to rent, but the responses, so far, have always been negative. The reason, sadly, seems to be one and only one: they were both born with down syndrome. “I have never had a true love, so deep, like Carlotta. In the evening on the phone I get emotional, because we are always far away ”Sesana told Corriere della Sera.

Paolo and Carlotta have a permanent job e they would like to get married, after settling down. It is the right time, indeed, it has already been for some time: just look at the photos they post on social media, where their smiles shine more than the stars, where they see each other exchanging glances and passionate kisses, like any loving couple. Meanwhile, on Saturday they will celebrate “4 years and 9 months of engagement“. To help them find a place where they can finally create their family, where live independentlyare their own families, but also the association that has followed them for many years, the Porta Romana Youth Cultural Club. Unfortunately, however, their dream has so far remained unfulfilled: the two explain that when the homeowners hear the word “Down” they pull back.

Paolo Sesana, 35, and Carlotta Sganga, 39, have been together for 4 years and 9 months: they dream of settling in a house together and getting married

It is not a money problem, explains the newspaper, given the job stability. Carlotta is employed in a famous employment agency, Paolo in a well-known fast food restaurant. The rent, then, would be made payable to the organization that supports them. “Once the negotiations were going well – he says Renata Agosti, mother of Sganga, to the newspaper -. Upon handing over the deposit of 3,600 euros, we were told that it could no longer proceed. We went home with the check in the bag and the morale down ”. “Another time – he adds – the owner of a house on the fourth floor told us: ‘I can’t risk them jumping out the window‘, we’re not fools ”. Not only the harm, but also the mockery of discrimination based on cruel and absurd prejudices.

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Despite the blows received, however, Carlotta, Paolo, the parents and the staff of the Youth Cultural Club they don’t give up. The two continue to see each other when they can, a few days a week when commitments allow. “On Wednesday evening we go to eat pizza, see you halfway, in Porta Venezia. Instead, on alternate weekends I go and stay to sleep with her or vice versa ”, explains the boy. Paolo lives in Cinisello Balsamo with his mother, near the place where he works. Her beloved one, on the other hand, stays with other children with Down syndrome in a “gymnasium” apartment, where she has learned, with the help of educators, to become independent. In short, a bit like what happens with off-site kids, who go to study or work away from home, slowly learning to live independent.

The couple has not found, so far, anyone willing to rent an apartment in Milan, just because the two boys were born with Down Syndrome

Far away (but not too far), still forced to stay apart, the two lovers continue to look for someone who wants to rent them an apartment in Milan, perhaps with two rooms in the Lotto area area o near corso Vercellior even a Wagner, where the association has another home. In this way they could have their love nest, their autonomy, but they would also continue to hang out with their friends. And we hope that already the next anniversary, that of 5 years, they can celebrate it in their home, together at last. (Anyone who has the opportunity to help them can write to the Youth Cultural Circle of Porta Romana, [email protected]).

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