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Paralympic athletes write a new glorious mission in disabled sports

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At the 16th Summer Paralympic Games held this year, the Chinese sports delegation won 96 gold medals, 60 silver medals, and 51 bronze medals. It ranked first in the gold medal list and medal list for 5 consecutive Paralympic Games. . The members of the whole group are united and the disabled athletes strive for self-improvement. They have written the new glory of China‘s disabled sports and won new honors for the motherland and the people with the spirit of “mission is on your shoulders and struggle is me.”

On November 26, the Information Office of the State Council held a meeting with Chinese and foreign journalists and invited five outstanding representatives of the delegation to exchange experiences and feelings.

The wheelchair fencer Li Haoyong, who participated in the Paralympic Games for the first time, won the men’s individual Sabre A-level champion and won the first gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation in this Paralympic Games. Whenever he sees a player falling from a wheelchair and never forgets to complete the game, he is always excited to see many athletes with a bright smile on their faces even if they have not won a medal. Li Hao said: “Athletes from all over the world gather together and work hard for a common goal. They release a powerful force that inspires me to work towards my dream.”

Pang Jin, the head coach of the Chinese wheelchair fencing team, said: “I have been coaching for many years, and I have always adhered to this concept: the country has trained me, and I am also obligated to train more sports talents for the country.” Pang Jin said that he has witnessed the Chinese wheelchair fencing project. The brilliance of the company will continue to play its role as a leader and contribute to the development and promotion of the project.

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Blind track and field athlete Liu Cuiqing won two gold medals in the women’s T11 200 meters and 400 meters at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Affected by the epidemic, the preparation time has been extended by one year. Age and injuries are constantly testing the 30-year-old veteran, but she still clenches her teeth and trains hard. Embarked on the Tokyo arena and played multiple games at the same time, stamina was exhausted, but the fighting spirit was high. Liu Cuiqing said: “No matter how much challenge and pressure you face, the moment you hear the national anthem played on the court, all the hard work and effort are worth it.”

Liu Cuiqing’s achievements are also attributed to her lead runner Xu Donglin. Before the 200-meter final, the two of them had recurred and worsened their old injuries, and they needed the coach to push them in a wheelchair, but they still did not give up. “In the end, we won the championship with an advantage of four thousandths of a second. The green and green raised the national flag high, and I lifted her up hard. At that moment, I wanted the world to see our Chinese disabled athletes and our five-star. Red flag.” Xu Donglin said that he would take this photo that was frozen after the game wherever he went, and it would become his motivation to move forward.

Zhao Sujing, director of the Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation, director of the Sports Department of the Chinese Disabled The national anthem raised 207 five-star red flags. “The rise of every five-star red flag represents that Chinese athletes have presented a generous gift to the motherland and people with their outstanding performance.”

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Zhao Sujing has been engaged in sports for the disabled for nearly 30 years. He has participated in 12 summer and winter Paralympics, and has personally experienced the development process of sports for the disabled in my country. She said affectionately: “The Paralympic spirit has been passed on from generation to generation of disabled athletes. This spirit has also deeply affected me and is the most direct spiritual nourishment for my work and life.”

The Tokyo Paralympics has ended, but the story of the struggle of Chinese disabled athletes continues to be written. At present, the preparations and preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics are progressing smoothly. Zhao Sujing introduced that the China Disabled Persons’ Federation uses the power of the National Disabled Persons’ Federation system to fully guarantee the selection and training of athletes, the construction and arrangement of training venues, the formation of professional teams, and the equipment and equipment. At present, athletes are actively preparing for battles and scientifically training in Beijing, Hebei, Heilongjiang and other places, striving to win glory for the country at the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games in the best state.


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