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Parental leave, what changes: the news in 6 points – Economy

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Parental leave, what changes: the news in 6 points – Economy

Rome, 11 August 2022 – From Saturday the new parental leave system , maternity e paternity for working parents employees e autonomous envisaged by the legislative decree of 30 June 2022. The objectives are to make work and private life even more reconcilable and “to achieve the sharing of care responsibilities between men and women and gender equality in the workplace and family”.

1 – Ten days of compulsory leave for fathers

In the foreground the family package provides for the introduction of 10 working days (not divisible by hours and also usable on a non-continuous basis) of compulsory leave for i fathers . In the case of multiple births, the duration of the leave is increased to 20 working days. The leave also applies to the adoptive or foster father. For the days at home, a daily allowance equal to 100 per cent of the salary is recognized. The new compulsory paternity leave can be taken from two months before the presumed date of birth up to 5 months after the birth of the child and in case of perinatal death of the child.
From Saturday, according to INPS, it will be possible to apply to your employer or to your client, subsequently regularizing the online application to INPS once the procedure is updated.

2 – Enhanced allowance for self-employed women

At self-employed workers a daily allowance is also recognized for the periods prior to two months before the birth, in the case of serious complications of pregnancy or persistent morbid forms which are presumed to be aggravated by state of pregnancy , on the basis of medical tests carried out by an ASL doctor. The indemnity is calculated in the same way as the periods of protection of maternity / paternity depending on the category to which the self-employed worker belongs.

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3 – Three more months of optional compensated leave

The rules on optional parental leave . The total months that can be requested remain the same (six months for the mother and six for the father) but the number of those eligible for compensation increases from six to nine to 30%. Up to the twelfth year of the child’s life (or from entry into the family in the case of adoption or foster care), employees will be entitled to an allowance equal to 30% of the salary for three months , not transferable to the other parent. The parents also have the right, alternatively between them, to an additional period of leave of three months payable at 30% . Therefore, overall the indemnity period for each child reaches nine months from the previous six. The single parent is granted 11 continuous or split months of parental leave, of which 9 months eligible for compensation at 30% of the salary.

4 – More parental leave for the self-employed

Working parents enrolled in the Inps separate management will be able to take parental leave within 12 years and no longer within the third. Each parent has the right to 3 months of compensated parental leave , not transferable to the other parent. Parents are also entitled to a further 3 months indemnified as an alternative to each other, for a maximum total indemnifiable period between parents of 9 months. Finally, there is parental leave for self-employed workers who will be entitled to 3 months of parental leave, to be used within the year of the child’s life.

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