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Paris backstabbed by UEFA!Benzema’s first goal disputed by VAR

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Paris backstabbed by UEFA!Benzema’s first goal disputed by VAR

Original title: Paris was backstabbed by UEFA!Benzema’s first goal disputed by VAR pretending to be deaf

In Real Madrid’s reversal of Paris, Benzema’s first goal was the most crucial, and it also caused a huge controversy. Was Benzema suspected of fouling when Donnarumma was off balance? When there is such a major controversy, why does the VAR referee pretend to be deaf? These series of topics require answers from UEFA.

When receiving the return pass, Donnarumma was too slow to handle the ball, which gave Benzema the opportunity to press forward. At the moment when Donnarumma passed the ball, Benzema collided from behind and directly caused the Italian to lose his balance. Donnarumma’s pass lost its accuracy. Vinicius intercepted the ball and knocked it across the middle. Benzema followed up with an easy push and sent the ball into the empty goal.

Without touching the ball, Benzema directly knocked down Donnarumma. Did the French foul? This sparked major controversy. Some experts thought it was a reasonable collision, but most agreed that Benzema had fouled first. With no chance of getting the ball, Benzema deliberately rammed Donnarumma and caused the Italian to lose his balance.

The crux of the question is not whether Benzema fouled, but why VAR is deaf at this time. According to football rules, VAR needs to help the referee in major disputes involving goals or red cards. According to this rule, VAR should have started quickly at this time. But at the Bernabeu, the VAR referee seemed to sleep in a small dark room. No wonder Pochettino shouted angrily after the game: “I think it’s a foul, it’s an unmistakable foul. I want to know, what is VAR doing at this time? Why hasn’t VAR reviewed it?!”

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It was also extremely dissatisfied with this goal that Paris President Nasser and Sports Director Leonardo stormed the referee lounge after the game. Nasser even broke one of the assistant referee’s flags after being blocked. Due to this uproar at the Bernabeu, there is a high probability that the Paris executives will be subject to very severe additional penalties.

In the penalty of this key ball, Paris obviously suffered a big loss. Regardless of whether Benzema fouls or not, the failure of VAR to start at this time is a mistake in “procedural justice”. In the European Super League incident, Paris resolutely refused to join the European Super League and made it clear that it “stands in the team” with UEFA. But in this key penalty, Paris was “backstabbed” by UEFA. The beneficiary party happens to be Real Madrid, which led the creation of the European Super League. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and Juventus are pushing the 2.0 version of the European Super League. If UEFA completely angers the Paris executives at this time, it cannot rule out the possibility that Paris will be pushed into the embrace of the European Super League.Return to Sohu, see more


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