Home Sports Paris beat Mbappé at home 4:1 with two shots and one pass Messi double shot

Paris beat Mbappé at home 4:1 with two shots and one pass Messi double shot

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Original title: Paris beat Mbappé at home with two shots and one pass Messi double shot

Shanxi Evening News reported at 1:45 on December 8th, Beijing time, the sixth round of the UEFA Champions League group stage of the 2021/22 season began, and Paris defeated Bruges 4:1 at home.Mbappe scored two goals in the opening 7 minutes, Messi expanded the score in the world wave, Ritz pulled

With a goal back, Messi made a free penalty and sealed the victory.

In the first leg, Paris drew with Bruges 1:1 away. Messi, Mbappé and Di Maria started the game together, Donnarumma guarded the goal, Neymar missed due to injury.

Paris scored within 2 minutes of the opening, and Mbappe volleyed the goal from the far corner. In the 7th minute, Paris expanded the score, Di Maria picked a pass from the restricted area, Mbappe volleyed and scored, Paris led Bruges 2:0.

In the 37th minute, Paris scored another goal. Mbappe crossed Messi after the ball on the left. Messi scored a long shot from the top of the arc. Paris led Bruges 3:0. At the end of halftime, Paris took a 3-goal lead.

In the 68th minute, Bruges retrieved a goal, Noah Long crossed, Ritz pushed the far corner to score. In the 75th minute, Messi was kicked down by Van der Bremuth in the penalty area. The referee whistled a penalty. Messi personally took the penalty and hit the bottom right corner of the goal. Paris 4:1 Bruges, ending the UEFA Champions League this season. Match of the game.

It is also reported that Messi scored twice in this game and scored the 758th goal of his career, creating a new milestone. The total number of goals surpassed the 757 goals of the king Pele; Mbappé added this game. 2 goals, in the Champions League has scored 31 goals, 20 assists, the data in the same period far surpassed Melo-Mbappe has 12 days to turn 23 years old, statistics show that before the age of 23, Ronaldo played in the Champions League Scored 8 goals and assisted 8 times. Messi scored 25 goals and assisted 7 times, not as good as Mbappe.

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