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Paris lore penalty is controversial, General Angers: Icardi fouls first

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Original title: Paris lore penalty penalty controversial General Angers: Icardi fouled first

At 3 o’clock in the morning on October 16th, Beijing time, in the 10th round of the French League, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Angers 2-1 at home and continued to lead the Ligue 1 standings with 27 points. However, the penalty won by Paris at the end of the game is controversial. The Angers players said that Icardi fouled first.

In the 83rd minute of the game, Mbappe made a pass from the left. Icardi scored a header from the penalty area. The football hit the arm of Angers player Capelle. The referee gave a penalty kick after watching the VAR replay. Then Mbappe scored a penalty kick to help Paris Saint-Germain win 2-1.

But the Angers players believe that in this attack, Icardi pulled down Angers defender Thomas at the top of the arc when he advanced in the penalty area, and then Icardi got a header shot without defense in the penalty area. chance. Angers believes that a penalty should not be awarded, but Icardi should be awarded a foul first.

Thomas angrily said after the game: “This kind of thing is really unbelievable… It is not shameful to lose 1-2 to Paris in the away game, but losing in this way is unacceptable. We have been working hard for the whole week. The game was prepared, but the referee’s decision made everything meaningless. I’m fed up with this VAR penalty. We invested millions of euros in VAR, but we didn’t even know how to use it.”

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Thomas went on to say: “It annoys me because I am passionate about football and dedicated to what I do. Icardi fouled during the game and pulled my arm, causing me to fall and then He used his position to win the penalty. I was disappointed. Before the referee went to watch the VAR replay, I told him that it was not about handball and penalty kicks, but the previous foul. Icardi had been against me from before. I benefited from the foul and he ran in front of the defensive player. I asked the referee, but he told me that the VAR referee had checked. This is not true, this is a lie! I would rather lose 5 goals than I wish to lose the game like this.”

Angers coach Gerald Battic also criticized the penalty: “VAR needs to be improved, not just verbal. I support VAR, I think it can correct 80% of the wrong penalty, but today the mistake has not been corrected. If we use VAR, we must use it well, and VAR must also be in good condition.”

And Capelle, who played handball in the penalty area, also complained after the game: “We saw a replay of the game, but it was obviously a wrong replay. We should watch another video replay. This is unfair. We need to play at this level. Honest and accurate judgments. Losing the game like this is very disappointing. Overall we played the game we wanted. Unfortunately, we ended up with nothing.”Return to Sohu to see more


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