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Paris Olympics and Paralympics Slogan Announced: The Olympics Are More Open- Shangbao Indonesia

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Paris Olympics and Paralympics Slogan Announced: The Olympics Are More Open- Shangbao Indonesia

July 26, 2022 19:07 PM


[Sina Sports News on the 26th]As the Paris Olympic Games is about to usher in the two-year countdown to the opening of the Olympic Games, the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee announced on the 25th the slogan of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games – Games Wide Open.

“This is an invitation to the world to experience this new passion together, and the Paris Olympics are destined to bring exciting new experiences to people,” the Paris Organizing Committee said in an official statement.

Paris Olympic Organizing Committee President Estanguet explained the meaning of the slogan “The Olympics are more open”: “It is a power to open people’s hearts, to stop people from seeing differences as obstacles; it is also a dream, all in different ways. The common dream of the people participating in this Olympic Games, through this Olympic Games, will further strengthen the significance of sports in our social life; at the same time, this is also our common vision, to show the best side of France to the world through the Paris Olympic Games, Especially her courage, creativity and innovative spirit.”

The Paris Olympic Organizing Committee also announced the first edition of the schedule for the Paris Olympic Games on the same day. The competition will be held from July 24, 2024 (two days before the opening ceremony) to August 11, of which July 27 will be the first of the Olympic Games. A gold medal is still a familiar shooting event, and the specific sub-item is a 10-meter air rifle mixed group.

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According to the Organizing Committee, a highlight of this schedule is to pay more attention to the women’s competition, and the last gold medal in many major events will be born in the women’s event. For example, the last final of the table tennis event is tentatively scheduled for the women’s team competition on August 10. This is the first time the table tennis event has ended with a women’s event since it entered the Olympic Games in 1988.

In addition, the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee also announced some ticketing information for the Olympic Games. According to the plan of the organizing committee, the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games are expected to sell 13 million tickets, of which nearly half of the tickets open to the public will not exceed 50 euros. With the exception of the opening and closing ceremonies, tickets for all competitions will range from 24 euros to 950 euros, with the highest tier, 950 euros, accounting for less than 0.5% of the total.

The organizing committee said that in order to make the price of Olympic tickets affordable for more people, they developed a special pricing plan, hoping to get half of the ticket revenue through 15% high-priced tickets to provide more low-cost tickets.

The public can participate in the purchase of tickets for the Olympic Games through a lottery starting in December this year.

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