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Paris preview: Messi still missed New Year’s debut with Pochettino headache and injury_Lyon_Icardi_Saint-Germain

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Original title: Paris preview: Messi still missed New Year’s debut with Pochettino headache and injury

At 3:45 am on January 10th, Beijing time, the 20th round of the 21/22 season will usher in a highlight. At the Olympic Park Stadium, the leader Paris Saint-Germain will play away against Lyon.

Confrontation record

In the history of Ligue 1, the two teams have faced each other 85 times. Paris has 35 wins, 24 draws and 26 losses, with 131 to 103 goals. In the away game, Paris won 11 wins, 13 draws and 18 losses, with a score of 51 to 66. The last time Paris lost to Lyon occurred in the 14th round of last season, when Paris lost 0-1 at home. The last time Paris lost to Lyon in an away game occurred in the 23rd round of the 18/19 season, when Paris lost 1-2 away. In the first confrontation of the season, Paris turned 2-1 at home and beat Lyon.

Messi is still difficult to make his debut in 2022

During the Christmas holiday, Messi went back to Argentina for vacation and contracted the new crown in Argentina. After the new crown test turned negative, Messi returned to Paris, where he had been training alone for several days. Paris officials have now announced that Messi will continue his personal training after recovery from the new crown, and he will not be able to play against Lyon. In the first two games of 2022, Messi is free from the game. He has not staged his personal 2022 first game.

There are still extensive injuries in the Paris team

Injuries are the key words of Paris this season. Today, the Paris team still has extensive injuries. In the midfield, Bernat, Kulzava, Donnarumma and Pereira are all positive for the new crown. On the attack line, Neymar is still recovering from injuries, Draxler and Di Maria are also infected with the new crown. How to arrange troops on the front has become a big problem for Pochettino. Mbappé’s position is unshakable. One of Icardi or Wijnaldum will be the center, and Harvey Simmons is likely to be a cameo on the right. Major players such as Ashraf and Gaye have left the team to participate in the African Cup. The good news for Paris is that Ramos is back from lifting the ban.

Lyon’s home game is greatly restricted

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, Ligue 1 officials only allowed up to 5,000 fans to enter the game. For local fans, this is of course a great pity. For Paris, this is absolutely good news. The fewer fans attend the stadium, the less Lyon’s home advantage will naturally be, and the less psychological pressure Paris will endure.

Pre-match remarks

Pochettino (Paris Saint-Germain coach): Icardi is overweight? He is fine now, I didn’t see the photos you mentioned. Icardi and Mbappé have not played much together recently, but they have different characteristics and complement each other in style. All teams have players who are absent because of the new crown. We have to adapt every day and sometimes have to change the established plan.

Predicted starter

Lyon (3-4-2-1): Anthony Lopez/Da Silva, Boateng, Luqueba/Gusto, Mendes, Carlett, Emerson/Oyar, Par Quetta/Moussa-Dembele

Paris Saint-Germain (4-3-3): Navas/Creel, Maquinhos, Ramos, Nuno Mendes/Villati, Wijnaldum, Herrera/Harvey -Simmons, Icardi, MbappéReturn to Sohu to see more


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