Home Sports Pavia starts well, 2-0 at Fanfulla at the debut Giani and Stroppa fold the guests in the second half

Pavia starts well, 2-0 at Fanfulla at the debut Giani and Stroppa fold the guests in the second half

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Pavia starts well, 2-0 at Fanfulla at the debut Giani and Stroppa fold the guests in the second half

In the first friendly match of the season at Fortunati, the Azzurri played a good second half against a Serie D formation


Pavia starts well, beating Fanfulla 2-0 in the first friendly season at Fortunati, a Serie D formation (fresh from a 3-2 win over Renate). Giani and then Stroppa scored in the second half, striker awaiting his membership in blue, currently owned by Sancolombano. Teams packed from the first weeks of preparation, but still a game played openly.

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Mister Maurizio Tassi chooses the 4-4-2 for the first outing of Pavia. In front of the goalkeeper Cincilla in the back four as two under wards, the 2004 Ferroni and the 2002 Radaelli with the central couple Concina-Ioance; Sarzi, ex Nibbiano, low play in front of the defense, then from right to left Calvi (2003), Maione and Giani (2003); in attack the duo Garcia-Principe. On the bench, among others, the young 2000 Stroppa, on the field with the authorization of Sancolombano where last season with Tassi on the bench in the final he scored 11 goals. First half an hour of study, for the Azzurri a Garcia conclusion high on the crossbar. In the final half, an opportunity for the Fanfulla with Colombo with a slalom in the blue area, but without fail kicks to the side of the goal defended by Cincilla. The same extreme blue performs in the first save of the race, without problems, on a shot from the edge of Siani.

At the start of the recovery obvious swirl of substitutions and Pavia revolutionized with few players left from the starting eleven and the 4-3-2-1 module. Among the confirmed, Cincilla :; still four defense with, from the right, Abbà, Di Bartolo, Concina and Piagni, while in front of the back ward the Sarzi-Giani duo acts in the median. In attack, one striker Prince supported by the trident with Di Narco in the middle and two outside to push: Calvi on the right and Bigotto on the left. At fifteen minutes, a cross by Calvi and Principe between two opposing defenders touches the ball in the small area, failing to frame the Lodi network. Pavia took the lead in the 20 ‘of the second half with Giani: blue counterattack with Di Nardo’s assist for the insertion at the edge of the area by Giani who with a precise conclusion slips the goalkeeper Cerami. Halfway through the second half there is also space for Joseph Stroppa, a striker born in 2000, who has joined the Azzurri for a couple of days and should be officially registered in the next few days with the formula of the loan from the banks. Pavia insists forward and goes close to doubling, first with a personal action by the young Gabusi and a minute later with an overhead shot by the new signing Bigotto just above the crossbar. The 2-0 really comes with Stroppa who controls the ball, evading an opponent and bags in front of the goalkeeper. –

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