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Pavia wasteful, the Bano comeback twice

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Gypsies on a penalty brought the Azzurri forward and then doubled, but Tassi’s team did not give up and equalized in the 78th minute


Pavia is under the illusion of being able to win a debut victory in the Italian Cup, but in the final it is reached 2-2 by the hosts of Sancolombano. Real match at “Riccardi”, four goals, two expelled and a good test one week from the start of the championship, with the derby at Fortunati between the Azzurri and Voghe. And in the next few hours, finally, two grafts for the blue offensive department should also materialize to be made available to coach Omar Albertini. In the role of center forward, yesterday, the Pavia coach adapted Amelotti as an offensive terminal supported by Zingari, author of a brace on set pieces (penalty and free-kick) and a perky Donadio.

Lethal counterattack

At 2 ‘immediately Pavia ready to strike on the counterattack with Donadio who burns the defense banishes and on the exit the goalkeeper Mercuri knocks him down: clear penalty. From the spot goes Zingari who transforms for 1-0. However, Sancolombano’s draw was immediate; at the 5 ‘corner from the right by Spedini and Eugenio (former Academy defender) anticipates everyone on the near post. At 9 ‘free kick to turn from the edge of Gypsies but the goalkeeper Mercuri is not surprised. At 20 ‘conclusion from the edge of Ottonello and deflection of the defense banishes for a corner. At 25 ‘scrum in the blue area: first it is Ottonello who frees but on the subsequent conclusion it is Tondini who tries again but the ball is lifted by a deviation over the crossbar. Pavia is seen again in the 31st minute with a razor by Amelotti from the left corner of the area, a ball kicked hard but outside the mirror of Sancolombano’s goal.The first half ends with a back pass from the middle of the field by Lizzio which becomes an assist for the center forward of Bano Caccianiga on which Guarino’s exit is providential.

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At the start of the recovery change in defense in Pavia, with Galimberti in place of Cornaggia. The Azzurri were immediately dangerous with a conclusion from Zingari put in a corner by Mercuri. Replicate the striker of Bano Caccianiga kicking at the edge of the pole. At the 4th counterattack of Pavia with Donadio who while he is about to enter the area is held back by Tondini and there are no doubts: expulsion of the Sancolombano defender and punishment from the edge for Pavia that the same Zingari bags under the intersection of the poles for the 2-1. On an assist from Bargiggia Donadio runs well in the area but countered by the goalkeeper Mercuri. Then Bargiggia’s punishment from the edge and the ball over the crossbar.

When Pavia seemed close to 3-1, on the counterattack arrives at 33 ‘, however, the 2-2 of Maurizio Tassi’s team with Stroppa who, on a hesitation at the exit of the goalkeeper Guarino slips it for the defined 2-2. After entering the field from 1 ‘to 36’ Bellantoni immediately remedies a red card for a reaction foul. At the end of Pavia almost victory: a cross by Donadio and a header by Della Volpe that is printed on the crossbar.

Group 15. Standings: Sancolombano 2; Pavia, Pavese Academy 1. Next round (22/9, 8.30 pm): Pavia-Accademia. –

Enrico Venni

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