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Peng Shuai, a letter pops up: “I’m home”. But the mystery grows

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Chinese TV in Europe has spread an alleged message from the tennis player to the WTA that would deny the previous rape allegations made to the former vice premier: “I’m not gone, I’m at home to rest. Next time, contact me”. But there are doubts about the authenticity

The case of Peng Shuai, the Chinese player former number 1 in the world of doubles literally vanished into thin air after the allegations of rape against the former Chinese vice premier, takes on implications bordering on the grotesque. Today, the Cgtn Europe, or the China Global Television Network in Europe, has relaunched on its social channels an alleged email sent to the WTA by the tennis player, with at least curious content.

The letter

It is a reply to the intervention of Steve Simon, CEO of the WTA, who took sides for the safety of his players and for the search for the truth about the case of his disappearance. The letter is obviously not handwritten and reads as follows: “Hello everyone, this is Peng Shuai. Regarding what has been published on the WTA website, the content has not been approved nor has my consent for publication. the news contained in that press release, including the allegations of rape (which the player herself had written on her social profile, ed), are not true. I have not disappeared and I am not in danger – continues “Peng Shuai” -. home and I’m resting, thank you so much for caring about me. ” After this “denial”, he also added: “If the WTA intends to publish more news about me, please contact me directly. For my part, I thank you for your support and if you want, I will be happy to collaborate in the development of the Chinese tennis movement which, I hope, will become stronger and stronger “.

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