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People from the Football Association: Women’s Football Federation wins a gold medal, but not two.

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Original title: People from the Football Association: Women’s Football Federation won a gold medal without two.

Beijing time on September 26, the editor-in-chief of the Sports Channel of Shandong Radio and Television, Xu Kaihua, revealed that in the National Games Women’s Football Final held last night, a member of the Football Association dispelled rumors from the stands and the Shanghai team will win two gold medals. The source said No matter how many people are selected for the lineup, there is only one gold medal in the end.

Recently, some media broke the news that the National Games football event, such as the local team winning the championship, only counted 1 gold medal. If the United team wins the championship, the distribution of gold medals will be more complicated: the province and city represented by all the members of the United team will receive one gold medal, and if there are 4 or more players in a certain province or city that enter the list of the combined team, Then the province and city will get 2 gold medals-and the women’s football team has already started 5 players from the Shanghai women’s football team in the first game.

In this regard, Xu Kaihua revealed on his personal social platform:

Last night in the women’s football team and the Shanghai team match stands, an official from the Football Association made it clear that whether you have 10 players or only one substitute, even if you do not appear on the field, as long as you are on the 18-man squad, you are a gold medal. There is no such thing as two pieces. That said, you all understand, this matter, going around, is not that complicated at all.

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It is worth mentioning that Bai Guohua, a well-known media person, also revealed on his personal social platform:

Regardless of whether the Shanghai team wins or loses, it has no effect on its own medals. It is one gold and one silver.

It is the medals of delegations from other provinces and cities that are affected. Therefore, the statement “get one gold medal if you win, and two gold medals if you lose” is not valid.

However, “get one if you win, and two if you lose.” Although this extremely absurd thing does not exist, it does not reduce the absurdity of the thing itself.Return to Sohu to see more


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