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[People]Ericson never walks alone, Copenhagen’s name is Red

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Shen Tianhao, Special Correspondent of Sports Weekly

Copenhagen’s name is Red. From the huge red No. 10 jersey before the opening, to the red seats on the stands of the park stadium and the red shirts on the fans, to the streets of the Danish capital, a street artist wrote a huge “Christian” on the wall, On the side are the blessings left by countless fans with red pens. The protagonist is Eriksson, the Danish red, if Eriksson wishes, it can be the Ajax red at the beginning of his career. Playing with the red No. 10, there is also the music of “You will never walk alone”, which was originally the exclusive BGM of the Liverpool team. In the 2019 Champions League final, Eriksson and his Tottenham defeated the team, but at this moment , The division of positions is no longer important.

Red fanaticism and heart-warming moments

The red Danish team took the lead and scored the second goal in the history of the European Cup. The performance of the Damskoe was amazing, and all that was missing was a decisive blow in front of the door. The absence of Eriksson had an immediate impact. Inter Milan’s midfielder had hoped to compete on the same stage with the club’s good brother Lukaku and learn from De Bruyne as the core midfielder of the Champions League runner-up. In the Red Ocean in Copenhagen, the “European Red Devils” were willing to act as a supporting role, leading the entire first half from the beginning to the end. De Bruyne and Lukaku’s team, wearing white jerseys, relied on the efficiency of the second half to quietly take away three points from Copenhagen.


Before the opening of this competition, the Danes were recognized as popular candidates for dark horses. After Eriksson’s moment of shock, a thought lingered in the Kyle’s mind: enjoy football, live well in the moment, the victory or defeat is only second. On the contrary, Eriksson didn’t want to give up: “X, I’m only 29 years old!” On that dramatic night five days ago, he was lying on the turf of the park court. He had already passed the ghost gate before waking up for the first time. That’s it in one sentence. What Eriksson lamented, is it the fragility of the fire of life, or is the life of football just in the near future?


The Belgians were interesting enough. Before the start, they gave out a collectively signed “Red Devils” No. 10 jersey with the name Christian on the top and the words “Get well soon” on the bottom. Eriksson was also discharged on the day of the game. To home. The slogan on the stands read “Belgium loves you, Christian”. In the 10th minute of the game, the visiting team kicked the ball out of the sideline, and the whole stadium greeted Christian. If Eriksson was in the hospital in this fashion, he should be able to hear the loud noise in the stadium 600 meters away. A small fan held up a huge slogan: “The whole of Denmark is with you.” This is a rare collectivism among Nordic people, but it is just right at the moment.

Where is Eriksson?

Five days ago, the precision, efficiency and scientific literacy demonstrated by the Danes in the critical moment prevented Eriksson’s story from slipping towards the most tragic result, and made this incident a textbook case of emergency rescue in the stadium. In Copenhagen last night, the two teams and the fans worked together to create a warm atmosphere unique to northern European football, which also made the current European Cup in this era when Florentino said that “young people watch less and less football”. , There are more glorious moments beyond the level of football. Today, Eriksson has undergone surgery and installed an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD). At the age of 29, he can at least enjoy the rest of his long life like any ordinary Danish boy. Where is the future of his football life?

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In 4-5 weeks, Eriksson will conduct a review. If all the treatment goes well, he should be able to continue running on the court with his “new partner” defibrillator like Blind, Ajax’s former teammate. A gloom in the sun comes from Italy: If the Danish midfielder wants to continue his football career in Inter Milan or Serie A, he needs to follow the agreement of the country’s “Sports Qualification Cardiology Organizing Committee” (COCIS), which clearly stipulates that the heart will be removed. Vibrator players can only participate in non-confrontational sports, and football is naturally on the list of bans.

According to the analysis of Gazzetta dello Sport, people with defibrillators are prohibited from participating in confrontational sports such as football because of physical confrontation and unexpected collisions, which may damage the defibrillator itself and cause health risks. According to an interview with cardiologist Pietro Denise in 2013, the reason why COCIS banned this is because ICD may give inappropriate electric shocks in the case of sinus tachycardia. In addition, , Electric shock may not be able to effectively interrupt the malignant arrhythmia caused by strenuous exercise, and people who engage in strenuous exercise, even if they lose their exercise function for a few seconds, may cause serious trauma.

Why are Italians so “unfriendly”?

In fact, the Dutch stadium where Blind played, including England where Eriksson once fought, is not as stringent as Italy in terms of heart disease and defibrillator wearers participating in football. In 2003, Inter Milan signed Senegal midfielder Fadiga, but he was found to have a heart attack during a medical examination, which ruined his blue-black career ahead of time. Although the cardiologist Bruno Carew of Inter Milan insisted that Fadiga would be life-threatening if he continued to play, the Senegalese chose to leave Meazza after a season and join Bolton to continue his football career. In 2011 Retired in the year.


Why are Italians so rigid? In Italy, various sports activities are under the jurisdiction of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and belong to the scope of public activities. Therefore, they are managed and supervised by public institutions. Therefore, although heart patients and defibrillator wearers are not restricted in their daily lives, they have to follow the rules and regulations of institutions such as the “Sports Qualification Cardiology Organizing Committee” in terms of participation in sports activities. Fundamentally speaking, the “unique status” of the Olympic Committee also allows Italy to have a more cautious and strict control over the sports access mechanism than other countries such as the United States.

Therefore, if Inter Milan hopes to continue to have the Danish star, it can only be expected that a review one month later can prove that the Danish’s heart problem can be cured and the defibrillator can be removed; and if Eriksson needs to wear it for a long time Defibrillator, his Italian football career has actually come to an end. Of course, he can choose to return to Ajax or the Premier League, or to another league with looser regulations, to continue his football life.


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