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Phoenix CEO and coach: If Zhou Qi adapts to NBL, he will be the team’s starting center_Australia

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Original title: Phoenix CEO and coach: If Zhou Qi adapts to NBL, he will be the team’s starting center

On September 9th, Beijing time, a report from the media person “StarXia Australian Basketball” stated that the Australian NBL League Melbourne Phoenix CEO and coach had an online live discussion today, stating that if Zhou Qi adapts to the NBL, the “big devil” will be The team’s starting center.

During the online live discussion, the Melbourne Phoenix CEO and coach praised Zhou Qi’s athletic talent, defensive deterrence, and wingspan. At both ends of the offense and defense, as long as Zhou Qi can adapt to the NBL style, he will give the team a great help.

According to statistics from the Australian media, Zhou Qi’s trip to the Melbourne Phoenix team has attracted the attention of many people, and his news has exploded major social media. It is reported that the number of news reached over 500 million, and the number of page views exceeded 7 million.

Australian men’s basketball coach Al Gore also talked about Zhou Qi in an interview today. It is worth mentioning that Gore has been in CBA for many years, so he is more familiar with Zhou Qi.

Speaking of Zhou Qi joining the Melbourne Phoenix team, Gore said: “Just like Andrew Gates (Australian player) came to China to play, Zhou Qi is the best player in China. He has a height of 2.16 meters and is very talented. . And 12 years ago, no Chinese players came to Australia to play.”

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The Beijing News followed up and reported that the Melbourne Phoenix team is currently handling visa and other procedures for Zhou Qi. However, because Zhou Qi will have the National Games and national team competition tasks, so his trip to Australia has not yet set a specific date. According to previous rumors, the Melbourne Phoenix team will unconditionally release Zhou Qi to participate in the national team game. The team official also confirmed that Zhou Qi will participate in the world preliminaries in late November.

The new season of the Australian NBL League will start on November 18.

In the 20-21 season, Zhou Qi played 44 games for the Xinjiang team, averaging 32.7 minutes per game, surrendering 20.7 points, 11.9 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 2.3 blocks and 1.1 steals.Return to Sohu to see more


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