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Phoenix misses Durant, causing public anger, but the sun has more hidden dangers – yqqlm

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Phoenix misses Durant, causing public anger, but the sun has more hidden dangers – yqqlm

Original title: Phoenix misses Durant, causing public anger, but the sun still has bigger hidden dangers

The off-season reinforcement of each team is coming to an end, and every fan will give a score to the operation of his own team in his heart. The Suns fans didn’t seem to be satisfied with the home team’s performance. They believed that the team didn’t work hard enough to win Durant and wasted an opportunity to increase the team’s championship hopes.

But the current general manager of the Suns, James Jones, has a different opinion. He does not think that missing Durant is a matter worthy of review. On the contrary, he said that there was no in-depth discussion between the two teams at all. “Although Durant wanted to go, Brooklyn didn’t seem to think about letting him go at all.”

In this case, the Nets will inevitably open their mouths, which is why James Jones said that most teams in the league and the Nets have not reached a substantive consensus, because the Nets ask for more than the buyer can bear. .

If the Suns trade for Durant at the Nets’ asking price, then they will have to send Ayton away, and maybe even add Bridges as a supplement. In this case, there will be two holes in the Suns’ lineup, and two offensive and defensive inside. The influence of the end is weakened, and the defensive strength of the striker is also greatly affected.

There’s no question that Durant is still one of the best players in the league, and every team wants him, but it’s going to come at a high price, and the Suns don’t seem to be able to afford the cost of a trade.

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Can Durant, 33, make up for the tactical role of Ayton and Bridges?

Also, fans can put themselves in a different position, if you were the general manager of the Suns, would you prefer to keep the team young? To remain competitive in the long run? Or build a 33-year-old and 37-year-old dual core?

For the Suns, it is more favorable to not switch to Durant. They still maintain the stability of the lineup, which is the basis for winning the championship.

The question of whether the Suns will compete for the title next season is not whether they get Durant in exchange, but whether they can appease Ayton. Is Ayton still the same Ayton he used to be after the contract renewal and trade turmoil? This is a matter of concern…

The Suns pressed Ayton’s contract renewal price last season, and the delay in reaching a consensus with him is already a great loss to the player, which will create a gap of trust between the player and the team. When the Suns were out in the Western Conference semifinals in a tiebreaker and Ayton was benched by the head coach, it was hard to guarantee that the players wouldn’t feel rebellious. Players are human too, and he wants to be valued, not to mention the fact that the Suns should have put Ayton at the forefront, but the Suns didn’t.

And the Suns have to continue to rely on Ayton, but you don’t give enough respect to the people you depend on, so why should the players give you a full return on the court?

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When Ayton gets the fat contract he wants, he has even more reason to work hard. Anyway, you don’t pay attention to me at all, and the result of my hard work is just kicked aside, so why should I do my best for the team? go?

Everything is achieved in both directions. It is difficult to produce a reassuring chemical reaction from one-sided kneeling and licking or one-sided control. What kind of chemical reaction did Ayton and the sun produce? This may be the biggest hidden danger of the sun’s new season.

Compared with whether or not to win Durant, how to get Ayton and keep him in step with the team is the most important issue for the Suns in the new season.

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